Sunday, 23 October 2011

101 List - Progress Check 23rd Oct 2011

And the progress report...I'll try to keep it brief as there are a few items to get through, and I may even manage to include some photos and links...

I have to say I am rather pleased with my progress so far, although it is early days and I haven't attempted any of the trickier stuff... being nice for 2 weeks, anyone who knows me (especially in a work capacity) will know that this is probably going to be the hardest one on the whole list, hence I will be leaving it until at least the end of next year as I know there are some ridiculously busy times for the next year or so, and there's no point in me managing to be good for 2 days (like I could do that...) and then have to start all over again. I am thinking that I may have to gaffa tape my mouth for 2 weeks to make this a remote possibility, and may even have to chop my hands off to stop myself typing bad things - oops!!!

My first task that I was able to cross off was number 46, to write a post (very photo heavy) for the wonderful Lucy re my mass of bargains from the Filofax Germany website sale - all those filofaxes at 9 Euros each, I thought I'd gone to heaven. If you are a Filofax fan you can see the post here on Loulou's Modern Musings, or on under the web finds for October 8th 2011 (hence achieving number 62). You would not believe how excited I was to see that Steve had picked up my post to go onto the website, for us special people who just love filofaxes!!!

I have also selected my personal Finchley in Imperial Purple to use as my 101 in 1001 days and set her up ready for use, as shown in the photos below (Hello, number 48, I'm talking about you, you're done - apart from the usual tweaking that follows the set up of almost any filofax):

So pretty - much more purple in the flesh
Various Post-it tabs used as dividers for now - wait for task 84!!!
List of tasks for the category
List of classics - detail
First blog notes

Once the challenge is fully underway I will no doubt do a full post on this beauty, I have had her a while now and wasn't sure what to use her for as she is so soft and posh, although you can see I have brought her down a bit closer to my own level with colourful bits and pieces.

The final completed task is to wear false eyelashes. Now I have tried to do this once before and managed to get one set on perfectly, they looked fabulous. However, the problem occurred, when I tried to do the other side, they were not going to go on in the right place no matter what I did, so in the end I gave up, chucked some more eyeliner on, and headed for the Baileys.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Newbury to go to my friends wedding reception (considering I'm going to struggle to be nice for 2 weeks, I also wonder how I actually have any friends...). Whilst in Newbury my DF and I figured that we would pop into town to try to find something Scottish to wear, which we hadn't known we needed (quote from bride-to-be "It said so in the invites...", me "Claire, you didn't send us an invite" - now it sounds like I'm just a gatecrasher!!!). We went into the old department store there and I thought I should start to get some things for my 101 list and went to the Benefit counter, where the girl had some lovely little butterfly eyelashes on. She very kindly pointed out that the Paperself girls were doing free demonstrations, so obviously I just had to try them, and, being the type of girl who will try pretty much anything at least once, I had full sets of peacock lashes as shown below. They were great, made of paper, so don't cry, but it means you can bend them how you want to so they don't irritate - love, love, love these. But will probably onle ever get more if I can get someone else to put them on for me :-)

My eyelashes, the Paperself card and some Benefit bits cos they're nice :-)

The peacock eyelashes - so fab!!!

You can see from the updates to my list that I have done some of the preliminary stuff for them, but I will write more on these as and when the tasks themselves are completed, or started depending on how long it's going to take. The walking in high heels thing may take a few attempts, it's been a very long time since I've worn proper, feminine, high heels. And as much as I know Lucy wants to see the pics of my new fab shoes, she may just have to wait a little longer - hopefully not too long though, I want to wear them, they are soooo fantastic.

Anyway, way too much from me for one day. I'm off to read some more of my first 'classic' book - Wuthering Heights, courtesy of Amazon & Kindle.


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