Sunday, 28 July 2013

So Much Stationery... :o)


Now that I have posted my Filofax purchases catch-up post here it's time to do my other catch up post - this time featuring the stationery I have acquired over the last few months...

Alphabet stamps from Migros supermarket
Pen holder from Kent from Oz (visit his great blog here)
Divider notes that I had admired from the lovely Alice (visit
her blog at The Wonderful Life of Alice)
Stickers from Alice for me to share with my boys :-)
These were my first purchase when I went to look for weddings dresses - somehow I ended up in TK Maxx before I actually looked at any dresses - oops!!!

Dragon notebook, Pantone notebooks that I had previously seen
on Angela's fabulous blog, and button brads - the final notebook
was from Thalia in Switzerlnd (half price, still too expensive, but
cheaper than anything else I was going to find on that day)
A present from China - one of our financial controllers knows how much I love planning and stationery supplies (she gave me all her A5 inserts last time I saw her - she is so sweet :-)
6 Monthly Planner
The white paper is ruled with space for date, day etc
and the coloured paper is plain. I am very tempted to
use this is my Filofax when I have no diary pages :-)
Ruled with other spaces
The next load of stuff is my Mother's Day present from my boys (yes, OK, I picked it all out myself, but they were very happy with my choices).

Two sets of stamp pads in lots of colours and a set
of heart stamps - it turns out one was missing from
the box, but I can live with that :-)
Block of heavy duty scrapbooking/crafting paper to be used for
various crafting projects, or Filofax dividers
Below are a few samples of the pages that come in this pad:

Pip Studio school planner
Yes, I know I don't go to school anymore and haven't for many years, but I have never seen proper school planners before - we didn't have them in the UK (and probably still don't generally). There were so many different ones to choose from (including a Love Is... one - too cute!!!). Below is a sample of the types of pages this contains:
Timetable pages
Week on two pages diary
Random things to do
Notes pages
Various stickers - Peanuts, owls and chicks :-)
Finally, my purchases from IKEA yesterday - loved IKEA before, love it even more now that they have the stationery section, complete with washi tape - yay!!!

Washi tapes, stickers, and paperclips :o)
It really is time for me to sort out all my supplies :-)


Anniversary Filofaxes and Later Purchases...

Hi All,

OK - so, many of you know that I bought a load of Filofaxes off eBay back in February, but I had to wait for many of them to arrive, and then got distracted by a host of other things so didn't get round to doing posts about them all individually.

Since then I have also bought a few others, so rather than doing lots of posts I'm just doing one which will be VERY picture heavy...  I'm not going to do lots of photos of each one as there are plenty of full reviews out there, so sit back and enjoy :-)

(I'll apologise now for the picture quality as well as I was totally unable to get the flash to work today for some reason - very annoying).

Pockets - green Botanic and brown Domino

Personals - brown Kendal and blue Piccadilly
Personal Clangers and pocket Bagpuss
Bagpuss inserts - complete with cute quotes including
"A ship? In a bottle? Where would it sail to?"
Clangers dividers - complete with indexed address pages
The Clangers inserts are well worth a quick review - this came with Communication/Meeting, Expenses, Goals/Notes, Monthly Planner, Weekly Planner, Diary Planner (???), and Projects sheets, along with ruled paper.
Clangers inserts
Monthly and Weekly Planner sheets (undated)
Diary Planner (labelled 8 - 19, any ideas?) and Project sheets
I have no idea what make the next planner is, but I can tell you that it is the softest planner I have ever felt - it just feels utterly luxurious.
Personal - black lambskin non-Filofax planner.
Flat, flat, flat - and did I mention... super-soft!!!
These are the last of my eBay finds - a fabulous group of vintage items
Writing cases and lovely old Filofax
Writing case layouts
Missing cap - I may try to fix this, or I may just leave it
alone - it is old and has obviously been well loved :-)
I love the inside of this - small rings, model...? I'm not sure
This may offer a clue... but not to me :-)
And now on to my non-eBay purchases...

Firstly, the lovely Chrissie, from the wonderful blog Chrissie's Universe, had this little beauty up for sale, and as I'd swapped out my ochre one i just couldn't resist...

Unfortunately the lighting was shocking, but this is
the fabulous purple Malden, along with the lovely
Vogue postcard that Chrissie sent with it :-)
My final (until now) purchases came from Margaret of Write at Home - a great online shop that stocks various stationery items, ships internationally and is very helpful. If she doesn't have it available on her website it's always worth sending a mail to see if she can get hold of it :-)

Back to School in green - looking forward to writing
my name on this one (and possibly adding a bit of
Originals - A5 in patent Fuschia and personal
in yellow (a proper bright sunflower yellow)
Not Filofaxes - but Margaret also stocks some of the
Gorjuss range, so I just had to get some
Now all I need to do is find somewhere to store these new gorgeous beings... maybe I can rent a shop (not to sell anything, just so I can have it all beautifully displayed). Tee hee hee.


101 Progress Check - July 28th 2013

Hi Guys!!!

I'm back and ready to party!!! I've had a fab couple of weeks off work, starting with a family holiday to Centerparcs at Longleat, and then a wonderful trip to the US with my man.

So, let's see what's been achieved shall we - like you don't already know...  lol x

Well, my Plannerisms planner has totally fallen by the wayside at the moment as I use it to log food, exercise, cleaning etc, all of which has been completely ignored as far as routines go aver the last few weeks, but I will be pulling that one back into the fold shortly.

While I was at Centerparcs I went to the spa for an Elemis facial (amazing), and while I was there I had threading done on my eyebrows and upper lip as they apparently don't do waxing for these areas there... ouch!!! At least waxing is just a quick rip and it's done :-)

After Centerparcs Ben and I headed off to Vegas, arriving in the middle of a thunderstorm, flooded roads etc. We stayed at the Vdara hotel, and loved it - we had an amazing view of the Bellagio fountains from the huge window outside the door to our suite (we got upgraded - yay!!!). There is no casino at the Vdara, so it's not as manic as other hotels, but you can go into the others anyway - there is a short walkway that takes you straight from the Vdara to the Bellagio. When we woke up on our first morning there was no sign whatsoever of the rain the previous night - it was bone dry, purely because it's damn hot!!!

I'm not going to go through everything we did while we were there, but there are some amazing things to see and do in Vegas - many of the hotels are just beautiful inside (Venetian - wow!!!), there is great food (check out the Peppermill for breakfast - near The Riviera), and spectacular shows (we went to Mystere by Cirque du Soleil). We had a lot to do so didn't catch any others, but will definitely make a point of seeing more next time we go.

I'll let the photos say the rest as I cross items off my list:

Go to Vegas - check

Get married - check

Have a manicure - check

Obviously there had to be a Filofax present to represent the rest of the family :-)
Have a great week,