Saturday, 28 December 2013

101 Progress Check - December 28th 2013

Hi Guys,

I hope you have all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a fabulous New Year. I had a lovely Christmas day, and was spoilt, and then caught a cold which really sucks. I scribbled a few notes to write this post on Boxing Day, but then felt too rough to actually post anything lol :-)

It's been a while I'm afraid, but as you can see below there has been movement on my 101 for a number of reasons, so very little to post.

I tried to carry on with the classic films by watching Some Like It Hot, but unfortunately I've only been able to watch an hour of it so far (in two sittings) so still have a way to go on that one. I have recorded a few classic films over the last couple of days (Christmas is a great time to record films on the telly), so just need to find time to watch them. They're not ones that were on my initial list of ten that I would like to watch, but they are still classic films, and I would like to watch them. Now I just need to find the time to watch them - a bit trickier as they are on the Cablecom box in the front room, as opposed to being on a DVD that I can disappear off to the bedroom to watch while everyone else is busy with other things (TV or games).

I attempted to make shortbread with my boys on Christmas Eve, but they decided that the only bit they wanted to do was to shape the shortbread. However, although I can't class it as baking with the boys, it was a new recipe for me so I got one base covered :-) It wasn't a total success as we made them a bit thicker then specified and therefore they were under-baked, but they tasted great and were easy to do. Maybe we'll have another go at those soon...

I had planned to embroider a sampler in December, but unfortunately I have struggled to find a template that I like. This hasn't distracted me from the job in hand, but I have bought a different template to use, which arrived on Christmas Eve, so I'll be doing that in the New Year.

I'm still taking my fish oils and iron tablets, and have only missed one day - quite an achievement for me :-)

We received the P90X3 workout programme from Beachbody just before Christmas, and as I struggle to make exercise part of my normal routine unless I have a programme to complete, I have decided to add P90X3 to my 101 list. It's a 30 minute workout, 6 days a week, concentrating on different things each time, and is another programme from Tony Horton, who is a joy to work out with (at least while you feel like you can still breathe).

I also know that when I workout regularly I feel much better in myself, and feel it's time that I climbed back on that horse :-) All I need to decide now is decide which of my other challenges is not as important to me at this time and that can wait until the second half of 2014.

Have a great week,


Sunday, 1 December 2013

101 Progress Check - December 1st 2013

Hello Everyone!!!

Well, I can safely say that his week I have achieved very little and am now behind where I had planned to be.

Things I need to catch up on are:

          Photo session with the boys
          1 hour walk on my own (I had the opportunity, but was just too lazy and didn't want to go
              out in the cold on my own)
          Family day out - I had intended for us to go to the zoo yesterday, but completely forgot that
              Christopher had to go to Jubla, so that scuppered that idea.
          Wearing heels - I had planned on wearing my higher heeled boots to work with my new trousers
              but just can't face tottering round, especially as we're now getting snow, so I think it will be
              safer to save that one for the spring now
          Plan the story that I am going to write for my boys

However, although I haven't done anything big on my list this week, I have continued to take my fish oils and iron tablets :-)

I cant's see next week's update being any more exciting either as it's month end at work so I'll be pretty busy :-)

Have a great week,