Sunday, 1 December 2013

101 Progress Check - December 1st 2013

Hello Everyone!!!

Well, I can safely say that his week I have achieved very little and am now behind where I had planned to be.

Things I need to catch up on are:

          Photo session with the boys
          1 hour walk on my own (I had the opportunity, but was just too lazy and didn't want to go
              out in the cold on my own)
          Family day out - I had intended for us to go to the zoo yesterday, but completely forgot that
              Christopher had to go to Jubla, so that scuppered that idea.
          Wearing heels - I had planned on wearing my higher heeled boots to work with my new trousers
              but just can't face tottering round, especially as we're now getting snow, so I think it will be
              safer to save that one for the spring now
          Plan the story that I am going to write for my boys

However, although I haven't done anything big on my list this week, I have continued to take my fish oils and iron tablets :-)

I cant's see next week's update being any more exciting either as it's month end at work so I'll be pretty busy :-)

Have a great week,



  1. The best laid plans....... X x x

  2. Agreed. The best laid plans . . . Dealing with that myself this week.

    1. Ah - but you have so much more to deal with than me. You guys are doing so well with all the work you're doing. I am amazed every time i see your progress reports :-) And 10 days later I have still done nothing - oh well, there's a few months left lol x