Sunday, 28 July 2013

So Much Stationery... :o)


Now that I have posted my Filofax purchases catch-up post here it's time to do my other catch up post - this time featuring the stationery I have acquired over the last few months...

Alphabet stamps from Migros supermarket
Pen holder from Kent from Oz (visit his great blog here)
Divider notes that I had admired from the lovely Alice (visit
her blog at The Wonderful Life of Alice)
Stickers from Alice for me to share with my boys :-)
These were my first purchase when I went to look for weddings dresses - somehow I ended up in TK Maxx before I actually looked at any dresses - oops!!!

Dragon notebook, Pantone notebooks that I had previously seen
on Angela's fabulous blog, and button brads - the final notebook
was from Thalia in Switzerlnd (half price, still too expensive, but
cheaper than anything else I was going to find on that day)
A present from China - one of our financial controllers knows how much I love planning and stationery supplies (she gave me all her A5 inserts last time I saw her - she is so sweet :-)
6 Monthly Planner
The white paper is ruled with space for date, day etc
and the coloured paper is plain. I am very tempted to
use this is my Filofax when I have no diary pages :-)
Ruled with other spaces
The next load of stuff is my Mother's Day present from my boys (yes, OK, I picked it all out myself, but they were very happy with my choices).

Two sets of stamp pads in lots of colours and a set
of heart stamps - it turns out one was missing from
the box, but I can live with that :-)
Block of heavy duty scrapbooking/crafting paper to be used for
various crafting projects, or Filofax dividers
Below are a few samples of the pages that come in this pad:

Pip Studio school planner
Yes, I know I don't go to school anymore and haven't for many years, but I have never seen proper school planners before - we didn't have them in the UK (and probably still don't generally). There were so many different ones to choose from (including a Love Is... one - too cute!!!). Below is a sample of the types of pages this contains:
Timetable pages
Week on two pages diary
Random things to do
Notes pages
Various stickers - Peanuts, owls and chicks :-)
Finally, my purchases from IKEA yesterday - loved IKEA before, love it even more now that they have the stationery section, complete with washi tape - yay!!!

Washi tapes, stickers, and paperclips :o)
It really is time for me to sort out all my supplies :-)



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    1. Wow - they do have some lovely notebooks :-)