Sunday, 30 December 2012

2013 Work Setup

As you may have already seen, I need to upsize from my Compact Chameleon for the new year. Unfortunately I know that my current set up will end up in a big, fat, planner fail if I try to keep it going for 2013 as I ave a fair amount of project work coming my way.

So, what do I need? Obviously I need to have my staples of a diary and some To Do lists. Without my to do lists what happens...? Nothing, absolutely nothing. I end up swamped and lost in my thoughts of what I need to get done.

As I don't have a huge number of meetings my diary space doesn't need to be huge, but it is nice to be able to see what I need to get done and my appointments / deadlines at the same time. I did this for part of last year using the Swedish WO2P diary and found that having them both available did help. I have set up a WO1P with To Do's / Notes, and at the moment I feel pretty confident that this will work for me. I also have a basic MO1P as well, to plan out the main dates in the year. The time I am usually focused on getting a lot of smaller tasks done is monthend, which we have a separate timetable for that is in a shared Excel file so I never write any of these tasks in my Filofax. Any other time I may need more room for tasks I can easily slip in an extra sheet to give me the space I need.

I have included a section for capture pages so that as emails come in I can write down what needs to be done before moving the mail from my inbox to the relevant actions folder.

Yep - that's right, the paper in here is currently address
sheets. I have quite a few of these and I rarely use them...
There is also a project section, which will contain a section for each project I am working on at the time so that everything that I have scribbled relating to it will be together instead of dotted about all over the place (including Post-Its on my monitor, and random bits of paper hiding in the debris that is known as my desk). This has standard quadrille paper in which you can pick up in most stationery stores, and we have in the stationery cupboard at work. When we get our next order at work I will replace the paper in my other sections with this - for now I am using random inserts.

Also in my work filo I will keep my A5 dodo pad inserts for tracking my food intake and exercise as it's definitely time to get back in action. If I keep it at home I find I don't fill it in, hence I have pretty much nothing written in here from August through until earlier this week.

At the back I have a section for spare paper, a spare divider in case anything comes up that warrants its own section, and a notepad in the secretarial pocket ready for notes and meetings.

And which lucky binder have I chosen to start my year with...?

Fairly full, but no so full that I can't move stuff around when
I need to
Domino Snake!!!



  1. Lovely! Looks like you're ready to be ultra-productive.

    1. Yep - chomping at the bit to get yearend out of the way so I can get settled :-)

  2. oh, such a juicy Domino! Love the Snake!

    1. Isn't it just the best? Lightweight, practical, and so beautiful :o)