Sunday, 22 September 2013

101 Progress Check - 22nd September 2013

Hello :o)

Today I am feeling motivated to really start working on the rest of my 101 - although maybe nothing to stressful today as I'm recovering from a dental op on Thursday which has stopped me sleeping too well, so I'm feeling pretty tired.

As I said I would do in my last post, I have reviewed the outstanding tasks in my 101 list to see what things are still relevant/wanted - there is no point in keeping tasks on the list if I don't want to do them anymore.

I am also adding a few household type bigger chores to the list as recently I have been easily distracted (and not particularly motivated), so if they are on here I am hoping it will encourage me to do them :o)

Firstly though, what tasks can I now cross off?

Drinking Rooibos daily for 2 weeks, the plan was to have this while I was doing my journalling, but I did it alone as I'm not ready to start the journalling yet. Thankfully I like my Rooibos with honey after it has cooled significantly (often it's completely cold by the time I drink it) as after my op on Thursday I was told not to eat or drink anything hot, so it didn't interfere with my challenge.

As part of my review I spotted some challenges still on my list that actually I have already completed:

-      camping. Yes, I have finally decided that the stay at Europaparc does count as camping.
-      concerts. I went and watched two of the Rock Highway competition rounds for 2012 (finals and
       semi-finals), and despite saying that they counted I hadn't crossed the task off.
-      Bake cupcakes - yes, I'll admit they weren't super fancy, and weren't quite what I visualised when I
       set this challenge but they were cupcakes, they tasted good, and they were decorated.

So, let's see what's outstanding...

4.      Play keyboards 10 times   This is to be removed...
6.      Load all music on tapes to iTunes tape to MP3 converter received Nov 2012 keep for now
8.      Have music playing all day & no TV/computers for whole family (x 3)
10.    Watch 10 classic films - films identified, got to find them, 4 down 6 to go
                      Brief Encounter
                      Taxi Driver
                      The Graduate
11.    Watch 10 musicals (films) - musicals for watching identified, 5 down 5 to go
                      Rock of Ages
                      Half a Sixpence
                      Singin' In The Rain
                      Les Miserables
                      Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
14.    See 2 dance productions - 1 down, 1 to go
                      Rock the Ballet
15.    Read 5 banned books
                      A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess
                      A Farewell to Arms - Ernest Hemingway
16.    Teach boys basics of reading English to be changed to listening to/teaching them to read for 10
         minutes a day.
17.    One big family day out every month
19.    Teach boys to swim (or arrange swimming lessons)
22.    Cooking/baking with the boys monthly - done 4 times so far... to be changed to 10 times
23.    15 photo sessions with the boys reduce to 10 times
24.    Make a den in the forest with the boys to be removed, they don't want to
25.    Take the boys to 3 shows - 1 down, 2 to go (to be identified)... to be changed to 1 show, they
         don't want to go to any others, therefore this task is complete
28.    Write a short story for the boys
31.    12 'date' nights with Ben (at home or out) 6 date nights so far
32.    Have 4 massage evenings to be removed
34.    Take a 1+ hour walk on my own (x3)
36.    Do 4 sessions of 'Your Shape' (Kinect) or Wii Fit in 1 keep for now
37.    Do 3 sessions of Just Dance or Dance on Broadway in 1 week keep for now
41.    Try snowboarding to be removed, really not that interested
42.    Learn to swim confidently to be removed, I should do this as some point, but don't see it as a 
         priority at the moment.
43.    Be as comfortable as Christopher is on roller-blades (as he is now at 6, not as he is by June
         2014) to be removed, again, it's not something I really feel the urge to do
48.    Become confident enough to hold a conversation in German getting there Aug 2013
49.    Embroider a sampler
50.    Read 5 books in German (basic please...) books bought
51.    Write a poem
58.    Learn 6 new recipes - 3 down
59.    Take camera on days out and use it started Aug 2013
63.    30 mins per day to relax/meditate for 2 weeks (while on 2 week holiday with Ben does not
65.    Learn to use a proper camera - camera bought (digital SLR)
66.    Buy some nice high heels and wear them
68.    1 evening a week for me for 3 months (possibly for a course) to be removed
69.    Give more praise (at home & at work)
71.    Bake cupcakes
74.    Journal daily for two weeks (15 minutes minimum)
77.    Do a tandem skydive to be removed, I really don't see how I'm going to find time to fit this in.
         If by some miracle I do then I will add it back to the list
79.    Keep to a basic household routine using my Plannerisms planner - started Feb 2013
80.    Set up a recipe binder
85.    Blog re the 101 in 1001 project - started, clearly :-)
88.    Manage bank accounts properly, update Excel weekly (not monthly/quarterly)

So I have a few tasks to change, and eight to be removed. Obviously this means that I need to add eight in, so here we have the new arrivals:

-       Sort through the boys clothes (Marcus seems to have a ridiculous number of clothes now, they
        can't all still fit him, and I'm sure that some of the boys clothes have been killed in the way that
        only small children can kill clothes). Time to sort, throw and list anything that we need to get
        (probably nothing).
-      Make a crafting picture in one of my IKEA picture frames.
-      Sort stationery supplies/stickers and post out some RAK packages.
-      Sort through the hallway cupboards (these end up storing junk and need a bit of work).
-      Package up the big boxes in the hallway and office for recycling (can't sort the cupboards without
       doing this... oops!!!
-      Sort through the boxes upstairs that have still not been unpacked... do we really need to keep this
       stuff? If so, sort it properly into labelled boxes for storing, complete with an inventory of what's in
-      Take fish oils daily for 3 months
-      Take iron supplements twice daily for 3 months

Time to go and update the main list and get started :o)

Have a great week,


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