Sunday, 26 January 2014

Time to Start Simplifying

Wow - this is my 200th post, so I'm pleased that it's on something new, that signals the start of my 2014 journey. Yes, I am full aware that we are almost a month into 2014 already, but I'm a bit slow sometimes.

I thought that, to start my quest to simplify things that I do, I would get started with some easy wins that can be done from the comfort of my sofa - yep, still feeling a bit rubbish after the dental surgery.

So, what can I do to make my Internet time more productive? Or at least less time consuming...

Blogs     -     I follow quite a few blogs, but they come to me from a couple of different places. Some come to me via Blogger when I go to my home page there, whereas others (some by people who post a lot) come to me via email. I really need to get these out of my inbox and add them to my reading list as I am finding that I am getting overwhelmed by the number of emails arriving into my inbox each day.

Facebook     -     Reduce the amount of posts I can see from various people. Some people post a lot of things that are funny, motivational, cute, informative, etc. and some of these are lovely or even useful. However, they take up a lot of time when it comes to checking out what's going on, especially when you're like me and if the post interests you, you end up reading all the comments on the post, and possible following links to other posts - it's like a rabbit warren that you can never come out of... In theory I could also stop checking on the groups that I am a member of so often, but if I can't sort that out then I will step out of some of these groups. In fact - some of them I should probably just step out of anyway...

Emails     -     Once I have moved the blogs to my reading list my inbox will be a much more manageable place. However, my other big influx comes from these health/wellbeing/ development subscriptions. They may be great for some people, but for me, realistically I know I will never read them, but I keep them in case I find something really useful in there for me when I finally have time to read them. I need to use that unsubscribe link at the bottom of each one as they come in so that I don't get any more from them. I also need to sort my inbox (which is a total state, mainly due to the subscriptions), file the ones that I need to keep, delete the others, and archive some of the mails that are already filed.

Any suggestions that you may have of other tips that could help me in this area would be greatly appreciated.



  1. I'm very behind on this post but I use a feed reader (Feedly) for all of my blogs. I find it's way easier to check everything in one place. I can save items to read later or email them to myself if I choose. I don't subscribe to blogs via Facebook because there's no way for me email it to myself or save it for future use. If you use Gmail, there is a way to set up filters and a priority inbox. I have found that this helps keep my inbox very organized. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for your comments kanalt :-) I've now moved all the blogs I follow to Blogger, my inbox is now much healthier, and I've now killed all the junk mail that was already in my email, unsubscribed from all the recurring junk, and am deleting things that I don't need to keep as soon as they are read - it makes such a difference. :-)