Saturday, 18 February 2012

101 List Progress Check - 18th February 2012

Hi all, sorry I'm not keeping this as up together as I'd planned to and have been writing the bare minimum for the updates - P90X is keeping me pretty busy and seems to be taking up so much of my head space too that I'm just not having the time or inclination to think about anything else - even my poor Filofaxes are beginning to feel neglected. So at least the ripped abs challenge is still currently on :o)

Another fairly short run down of where I'm at as I started to write this a week ago, got sidetracked by a workout and an afternoon out and have to work out shortly and then it will be time to finish getting packed to go to London for a course as I have to leave in the morning.

I now have one classic book left to read as I have finished The Great Gatsby since my last update, which is a book I'd heard quite a lot about as the year above me at school read it for their English A-Level, whereas we got Sergeant Musgrave's Dance or something like that... I wish we'd been given the Great Gatsby, it was a good book and I couldn't put it down.

I have also started on the Shakespeare plays, with the first being King John. It has been many years since I read any Shakespeare and it took a while to get into it and work out what the hell was going on, but I seemed to get the hang of it towards the end. I'm not sure if this is a challenge that I am going to be enjoying or not yet.

I was doing so well with drinking my water the week before last. Monday to Thursday I drank 1.5 litres each day at work and then drank more during and after my workouts, but then Friday came and I just wasn't thirsty. I couldn't drink that much no matter how hard I tried. And as for weekends - I have no hope. When I'm at work it's not to bad as I grab a 1.5 litre bottle out of the cupboard in the morning and it is there, right in front of me all day as a reminder, but Saturdays and Sundays I am lucky if I remember to have a drink at all before lunchtime. I have no idea how to get over this - I have never been one for having a good fluid intake (apart from in the past on Friday & Saturday nights, but that's not quite the same thing). Will try again this week and see how I get on...

Eating my 5 a day is getting there - I think I am probably doing it most days as part of my following the P90X nutrition guide as well as doing the exercise, but I must start to log this properly somewhere so that I can be sure of what I am achieving.

I need to set up some kind of proper schedule in my beloved Filofax so that I can schedule everything in and log it all properly. I have proved I can do this to my benefit with my work stuff, hence I am now up to date with my work and am almost down to my planned 42 hour week. To assist in my organisational skills I will be spending a little of my airport time planning tomorrow, and will be visiting the Paperchase store on Tottenham Court Road to browse the various inserts, pens, stickers, tabs and all the other stationery - it's nothing to do with the fact that I am obsessed with stationery and FF inserts at all!!!

As I have to be in London next week, I think I should aim to complete another of my challenges - to see two West End musicals. I am planning on getting tickets to We Will Rock You and Rock of Ages. I may even be tempted to go and see Shrek the Musical while I am there as well.

I should also be able to watch a couple of new to DVD releases as the person who I am going on the course with has a Love Film subscription - it's all going on this week!!!

Wish me luck,



  1. Hi there,
    Glad your challenges are going well. Don't fret about the water intake - to drink too much water when you don't need it isn't actually good for you, so if you're not thirsty, listen to your body. Honest!
    Hope the challenges keep going well!

  2. You're lucky you didn't have to study Gatsby at school. I read it recently and loved it too, but know there was no way the 18-year-old me would have appreciated it at all!

  3. @ Amanda - I think I may change my challenge to 1.5 litres a day, as I genuinely believe that 2 litres is too much for me. I am so looking forward to the challenges that I should be completing next week as they are the fun ones, not the ones I feel I ought to do :o)

    @ Ray - Have you read Sargeant Musgrave's Dance? I don't even remember much about it, it was obviously thrilling :o) The year above us had been given Gatsby to read at the end of their 1st year of English A-Level, and were given an essay to do comparing it to Journey's End I think it was. We were given Musgrave as our 1st assignment and told "You've read the book, now write an essay" - and people wondered why we couldn't stand the new English teacher :o) I'm looking forward to reading Jane Austen next as my last classic, but as most of my experiences of classic books have been good then I think I may have to read some more (but nothing else by Emily Bronte if the rest of her stuff is of the same calibre as Wuthering Heights *shudder*.

  4. Wow certainly sounds like you are mega busy at the moment! Hopefully you'll get some chill time this week while you're in London and of course you could embrace the challenge of convincing your colleague into using a Filofax ;0)

    We will Rock You is ace I loved it - and if it's still on you should definitely check out Avenue Q it's just the most hilarious show ever


  5. @loulou - didn't see Avenue Q, but managed to get to see Rock of Ages... twice!!! Fabulous, and I think I am now a little bit in love :-)