Sunday, 29 January 2012

101 List Progress Check - 29th Jan 2012

Whoa - long time no update!!!

I have been so busy doing P90X that I just haven't got round to posting on here in a couple of weeks, and this one is going to be pretty short and to the point as I am one tired girl... so what has happened since my last update?

  1. On the classic book front I have now finished Lady Chatterley's Lover which I  really enjoyed and read the whole of The Picture of Dorian Gray last week which took a bit more getting into but was pretty good (I had earmarked it to be read in February, I knew that daily commute would come in handy). So now I only have two more to read to complete this challenge.
  2. Shakespeare plays - all 5 identified plays are now on my Kindle and I have planned to read one per month, starting in March.
  3. I have finally bought myself some headphones so I can listen to music on my iPod shuffle (or on the iPod touch that my fabulous other half bought me for Christmas. So looking forward to getting all my CDs and tapes onto my iTunes.
  4. On the work front I have started logging my hours over the last few weeks in my aim to monitor which of my challenges I am actually meeting, and I am slowly getting there. One of my aims for this year is to reduce my standard working hours to the 42 that are in my contract. Just before the end of last week I managed to get the leftovers bits of work that were outstanding from 2011 finished so I can focus on my 2012 objectives. And what wonderful piece of kit allowed me to achieve this? My Filofax - it still rocks!!!
  5. Ripped abs? Not yet, but I have just completed day 20 of P90X, and I am beginning to see results, especially in my arms, which are starting to tone up. It's a tough programme, and I had an issue trying to eat the required number of calories whilst sticking to healthy food and not too many carbs which made me have to miss a couple of days of workouts as I hadn't been consuming enough calories, so I was feeling rough. But I have now got over that and am catching up.
I have also spent some time this weekend planning how and when I am going to get my challenges started/completed. There is still a way to go with the planning to fit everything in around the rest of my life, but it is all quite exciting.




  1. Ouch sounds painful that P90X lark!! Glad the Filofax is proving useful to sort the work/life balance can't go wrong when you write it all down lol :) Lx

  2. Only just seen your comment - I have no idea where my notification went. Yep, P90X is definitely a tough one. It seems to be killing me, and I'm modifying lots, including only doing 30 mins of each workout for a while - although as I am getting a flatter stomach, biceps (never thought I'd have those) and have lost 4 kilos in 6 weeks, I'm obviously doing something right. :o)