Wednesday, 4 January 2012

101 List Progress Check - 7th January 2012

Well, a new year and a new me...? Maybe...

But first, what else have I actually managed to achieve between Christmas and now...? well, mainly reading on the train as I started back to work on December 29th and have also been spending quite a lot of time sorting out my Filofax stuff and sorting my set up for 2012 (as you will see from my last few posts). I finished Tess or the D'Urbervilles yesterday and was gutted by the end - so unfair, but thoroughly enjoyed the book and the characters.

I actually managed to complete my make up challenge on January 1st, and have even been wearing it during the week this week, but not today.

Today I have been busy planning when and how to complete more of the challenges on my list, which is far more fun than putting make-up on :o)

The most physically challenging item on my list is to get ripped abs. Now, for someone who has 2 children (aged 4 & 6) and has been an accountant working long hours, sat at a desk for the last 14ish years and not had much/any exercise, this is going to be one heck of a challenge.

Now my DF tries to ignore most of what I am doing re filofaxes and my blog, but clearly some of it has been going in  as he spotted the infomercial for P90X the other day and said "that'd get your abs ripped"... and so it begins.

My favourite part so far of this is that I overheard my DF, who despairs of my filo habit, telling his brother all about P90X and the workout sheets, and saying that he may need to get a Filofax to keep his records in - and so the FF quest for global domination continues.

I was going to do my planning and decide when best to fit it in, but as DF has decided that he is going to start the programme on Tuesday, I guess that's my planning done for me as it's going to be way too much hassle to do the nutrition side of it for us both at separate times.

It is traditional to do the 'before & after' photos, which I will be doing, but not until I actually have an 'after' photo - there is no need to inflict that on anyone. Wish me luck...


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