Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Domino Love...

Well, I can honestly say I am very surprised and incredibly happy with how my one life one filo trial is going so far. Yes, I know it's only been a few days so far, but I am soooo happy!!!

After finally sorting my 2012 inserts, all I had to do was decide which inserts to use for my new planning filo, and which FF should be used to house this...

Obviously I will be rotating through various of my babies as I don't want them to feel left out, and clearly there was only one which could possibly used for my first forays into this mystical place - my stunning new ruby Deco...

... or was there...

I found myself thinking that I should save my Deco until I had got my set up working for me so that it would have a special set up in rather than being sullied with attempts that just weren't going to work for me, so I figured I would use one of my less luxurious babies for experimentation (and no Vanillja, if you are reading this - it is nothing aquamarine...), so into the breach stepped the slate Domino.

Now, I know this is a bit premature, (having only been a couple of days in my new filo), but I love the whole thing. I put my basic set up together in the evening on the 1st, and took it into work for my first day in one place.

I was so excited that I told everyone about my latest challenge, at which my boss very kindly pointed out that he thought the whole point of having a Filofax was so that you could keep everything in one place anyway (clearly he has never checked out Philofaxy and the multitude of uses that there can be).

We've all read the posts regarding which FFs lie flat "right out of the box" - not as many as people would have you believe from my experience, and when I had previously seen this said about the Domino, and then looked at my weird green one personal, I figured that either I had found the only one that doesn't possess this quality, or that the Domino doesn't actually do this.

Well, oh my word, yes it does... I used my slate one for the first time on the 2nd, but was so busy (and pleased with having just the one filo to refer to) that I didn't notice this until the following day...

Flatter than a flat thing on pancake day!!! And it has all the features that I need in my filo. The only thing that I dislike is the fact that it isn't leather - actually, this isn't even a dislike, just not what my preference would be if I could choose. I am now looking at getting as many different colours as I can before they withdraw them - I'm thinking red, orange and ultra-violet, and maybe one other (possibly an A5).



  1. I can say nothing more but - *smile*! :)
    (and to be honest... my heart leaped a bit at the aquamarine bit, you predicted me so well, he he!)

  2. @ Vanjilla - I have even stopped using my mini Chameleon as a wallet, totally amazed by the Domino, and most of it's harsh plasticky smell that it arrived with is now gone :o)

  3. I wonder what they will be coming out with next? Its kind of scary and exciting...


  4. Maybe a Domino in a beautiful aqua like the Finsbury... And then something totally off the wall that only true FF fans would go crazy for :-)