Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Year End Stock Check 2011 - Done

So what was I doing on New Years day...?  Finishing sorting my Filofax inserts of course!!!

Keeping this post short and sweet as I have a lot of planning to do ready for a far more exciting post than this one (I know, whoever would have thought that it would be possible to find something more exciting than inserts?).

Here are a few pics of the final counted items - yes, I know that I have a whole spare set of A5 inserts hidden in my Graphic, but they were at work at the time and now I am trying to stick with a personal size as my main filo they can stay where they are for a while.

They are looking so sweet, all lines up and ready for action

This is the bulky end of the group (mainly diaries and dividers)

I knew I could fit them all in somehow

All stacked and ready to box - now all I need to do is find some suitable boxes...

I didn't realise quite how many 2012 diary inserts I had... minis, personals, A5s and even an A4. Thank you to all those Filofax sales last year...

Anyway, must dash - plans and tweaks to consider...



  1. That is hilarious!! I can't believe how much stiff you have there (pulls very jealous face) can't wait to read the next post...Lx

  2. And who started me on this crazy obsession I wonder...? Thank you xxx

  3. Wow! I thought that was a counter in a store LOLOL


  4. Wow, this is impressive! It's great to see all of the inserts spread out though - it gives you a real idea of what you have. I keep all of my extra inserts in Domino binders, but I don't have nearly the amount you have. =)

  5. I'm now trying to be good and use what I have to organise my life instead of setting up my own templates. As much as I love the ones I set up myself, I have now moved to a personal so need to change and feel this is a sensible way to attempt my one life one filo setup - I mean, how many different diary set ups can you need in one binder? Surely I already have enough...