Friday, 23 March 2012

Sweden Too - Time For a Filofax Family Photo...


After such good service from Filofax UK, I was still waiting to hear from Sweden that they had dispatched my order (which I ordered on Monday night) and thought it would probably be dispatched on Monday and via FedEx which would be a pain as I wouldn't be home to receive it

However, I got home at 3:30 today (early finish, always a bonus), and the postman had left something in my mailbox...

Too much tape - I had to go and find the scissors!!!

What is in these wonderful packages?

Personal Domino in orange and A5 in ultra-violet
I have been wanting the orange Domino for ages, and now I finally have it :-)

But now for the final reveal from my recent filo-fest...

A lovely box for an A5- I haven't seen one in these boxes before...

Can you guess what it is yet...?

A5 Chameleon in spring green
Now that is beautiful - not as bright as I was expecting from the website, but it is pretty wonderful...

Not just back dividers, but black plastic dividers!!! Yay!!!

After my previous purchases from Sweden I was a little disappointed to discover that the Dominoes had standard dividers rather than black, but I have enough still from the sale so I'm not too disappointed. This means that I now also have more 2012 WO2P diaries from Sweden, which although lovely will probably remain unused... I can live with that, and I'm sure the littlest guy won't care when he uses it to doodle all over :o)

It's strange that Filofax are so dis-jointed though - the ones I received from the UK had 2012-2013 diaries in, but by next year who knows what format of diary I will be wanting to use? Ha ha ha!!!

I figured that as I have received quite a few new FFs that t was probably time for another family filo photo... and here are my wonderful (and yet useful) babies...

There's always one to get drunk and ruin a family photo isn't there, yes Cuban slimline, I'm talking about you!!!
 So realistically - one life, one filo - with this many beautiful filos will I be able to stick with it...?



  1. Holy Cow! :D

    Which one of them do you used longer than.. uuuhm, 2 months through? :)

    I love the yellow one. *sigh*


  2. Mon Dieu! C'est très bizarre. I couldn' t decide which one to take! I discovered the Dominos for me as well ;-)

  3. I'm currently in the Malden, and my chap is using the red A4 for his workout records. I'm trying to work out whether to move from the one life one filo thing to 2 personal sized ones (work and home), or to stick with the one life one filo thing and move to an A5 (hence the recent influx of A5s). The yellow one is the Piazza in Sunflower, but it isn't as vibrant as it looks in the photo. If you check out the post at the address below the photo there is more like the filo is in the flesh.

  4. @ queendelesa - Yep, Dominoes rock!!!

  5. Oh holy cow! You need help LOL!!! Beautiful though . . . jealous . . .

  6. Oh my goodness! Had to wipe the drool off my keyboard! Beautiful and I'm envious! And thanks for enabling! I have slowly started considering the Domino but wasn't sure because that little elastic band made the Domino look like a "second class citizen" to me. Boy, was I wrong! Your post has made me see the light and seeing the family photo and the number that you have makes me justify going online and getting a couple of Dominos! Thanks for the lovely wallet is panting and feels a bit lighter filo family needs a new sibling...or two!

  7. Oh my! I Love your family! Even the drunk "uncle" Cuban Slimline! - I laugh a lot with that comment and even showed your pic to my husband. Too cute to pass! :D

  8. I love all the filos in the picture! AMAZING!

  9. Thanks guys, not a bad group for just over a year, and I have enabled a few FF virgins along the way - I just love them :o) Amazingly my man cannot understand why I would tell him I would like another FF for my birthday this year, he reckons 35 is enough... A5 purple Malden, hello??? Ha ha ha!!!

  10. See i knew i wasn't crazy, now i can tell Hubbi that there are people that own far more than my modest 11 filofaxes. Yayyyy i can go buy some more now!!!!

  11. @ Christa - you should definitely get more!!! That are fabulous and make me smile when I see them :o)

  12. Found my way to your filo family photo... wow, a beautiful sight to behold!
    Where do you keep them all? I'd want a shelf or bookcase just to display them nicely :)

  13. They are kept in my cupboard (apart from when I take them out to just gaze adoringly at them and stroke them). I was in IKEA one day when my other half spotted a tall, square glass cabinet and seriously suggested I should get it so I can display all my filos :o)