Friday, 23 March 2012

UK Delivers

How excited was I when I received not one, but two boxes via FedEx from Filofax UK this week?

Too excited to wait for a camera before opening them I can tell you!!! I have to say I was also very impressed with the delivery. I placed one order on Monday evening and the second on Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon I had received mails saying that they had been despatched and they arrived at my work (that in itself is a miracle - don't get me started on how badly set up the Filofax ordering website is set up, and they will never respond to mails which tell them there is a problem, let alone fix it) before lunch time on Wednesday - fantastic!!!

Unfortunately I has just started a 2 hour meeting when Sabine waved a box at me through the window, and I was immediately told to "stay!!!" - honestly,anyone would think that I would have run out of the meeting to get my hands on the beauties...(clearly they know me too well).

So, what did this lucky girl get...?

Magenta A5 Flex

With 2 notebooks
Opened out with 2 notebooks and a jot pad
Quite excited about having this at home - it's mainly so that I always know where there is a notepad, as I can never find one when I want one. If they have a proper home then I will (hopefully) be able to find them.

A5 Domino in red

OK, this one wasn't in the bag, and didn't arrive with the delivery, but I got it off Amazon when I was in the UK last week, and love the fact that there are two fully elasticated pen loops so I can have both my Bic 4 colour pens in there :o)

A5 with the Personal Domino in ultra-violet

Since discovering that the Domino is actually a fabulous FF I have wanted more colours and the ultra-violet was at the top of my list, there was also another one, but you can't get that from the UK, but more on that in a post soon.

Personal Chameleon in rsapberry

The reason I fell in love with filos is this baby right here - Lucy pulled one of these from her bag in January last year, and I have had the bug ever since...

A5 Domino in deep pink and violet
Having bought the violet and discovered that it is a completely different colour to the picture on the UK filofax website I am very happy. I wasn't sure whether I would really like the violet colour, but this is more of a vibrant purple, although the photo above doesn't do either filo justice.

And finally...
A5 Chameleon in aqua
I love the texture of these babies, and at 50% off, how could I resist...?

Total UK haul
Love it!!!



  1. I love the color of the aqua chameleon...Ive always liked that one a lot!!

  2. I thought it wasn't as vivid as I'd hoped it would be when it first appeared on the FF site, but it is really quite lovely :o)

  3. Holy cow! What a lot of Filofaxes! I thought I was obsessed, LOL! Beautiful colours. Which one do you like the best and why?

  4. Out of these new ones, although it is not the most classy, I am loving the purple Domino. The colour is nothing like I was expecting and it is fabulous!!! But to choose a winner from my whole collection... I don't think I can. They all have different things going for them, whether it is layout, colour, touchability, or sheer beauty (Deco). I love them all - there are some that will probably never make it into my top 10 on any day regardless of how I'm feeling (Sunflower Piazza, ), but they are all loved :o)