Sunday, 24 June 2012

101 List Progress Check - Jun 24th 2012

Hello, good evening and welcome!!!

Keeping it short again today - behind on everything at the moment, but feel I would benefit from a very early night - I keep aiming for one, but it never happens.

So, this weeks progress:

Shakespeare - I have to say, I'm really not getting into Shakespeare - maybe if I saw it on the stage the way it is supposed to be I would find it easier, but to read it - eugh!!! I have now read Anthony & Cleopatra though, and I found it better than the others that I have read so far, so four down one to go. I'm due to read The Taming of The Shrew, and then I think that unless I get into it via joining a drama group or something, that I will probably never read another Shakespeare play again... which kind of saddens me. Maybe when I have finished the 101 things in 1001 days I should give myself the objective of reading one or two Shakespeare plays a year, but watching them as well and studying the text as opposed to just reading it.

Prizewinner books - This week I have started reading Midnight's children by Salman Rushdie. I like the style of writing that is used for this, with the story in the past interspersed with the current thoughts of the writer.

My working hours have been on track this week. I stayed late on Thursday (which was great as I was in  the middle of the most amazing thunderstorm - it was totally mental), and finished early on Friday as I was pretty much dead :o)

Supplements are still going in, and exercise has still not been restarted, must do something before my belly starts sticking out again and looking pregnant - it's weird the way that after you've had children, that is your stomachs natural shape unless you attack it...

I have just ordered Evita and Cabaret off Amazon, so will be able to get those when I am in the UK, so should be able to watch them this month as I have a couple of weeks off work.

We have our first family holiday booked up to start in a couples of weeks time so that'll be another one off the list, and then Ben and I have a weekend watching the Grand Prix at Hockenheim, while the boys stay with the grandparents... this is preparation for our two week holiday which we will hopefully be able to do next summer. This summer the boys will mainly be in the UK without us, but that will be good for their English as they speak Swiss German five days a week. If that works out OK then we may see if we can do the same again next year :o)

I think that's all for this week,

Will be flying to the UK next Sunday so will try to post an update before I go, as I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to between now and the end of July otherwise (although I will be trying to).

Have a good week,



  1. I struggle with the exercise, if your not a natural exerciser it's really hard to motivate yourself :(

    How do you keep track of your list, do you still use a Filofax?

    Planning to work on mine this week so it's easier to update, I tend to forget about it as it's only on my blog right now :)

    1. I did fairly well with the exercise for about 6 weeks, and then it's all gone to hell in a handcart, but it will happen otherwise I won't get the ripped abs - though with the baby pouch I'm not sure how that's actually going to work :o)

      I have my 101 list in my main Filo. I originally set up a personal specifically for this project, but abandoned it when I moved everything into my A5.

      I am looking forward to maybe crossing off a couple of the nice treat things that are on there while I am at Centreparcs for my holiday - manicure and facial time I think. I may also book gym passes to make sure I start working out again before it's too late :o)