Friday, 1 June 2012

101 List Progress Check - June 1st 2012

Just time for a quick update before I go to work this morning as I am going to be super busy when I get home, arranging things ready for Christopher's birthday party tomorrow.

I've been pretty busy the last two weeks as I was in the UK for work last week, followed by a weekend seeing old friends before flying home on Sunday evening, ready to jump straight into the joys of monthend. I am hoping that once the party is over I can chill out for the evening (or at least get an early night and not be woken up by children at 4am...). Love them, but 4am - really?

Good news re the house in the UK though - the garden is finally done. Admittedly the lawn looks like a patchwork quilt at the moment as the turf is still bedding in and will be rolled once it has, but it all looks so much bigger and nicer then before, No brambles, palm tree, broken fence panels, and the bottom part of the garden has finally been reclaimed - it looks great!!!

Anyway, as well as being busy I have managed to be quite good, I read Shakespeare's "As You Like It", remembered to take my supplements and although my healthy eating went a little awry (and all that Bailey's at the rugby club on Saturday afternoon didn't help) my weight hasn't changed and I will be starting up the exercise again next week in an attempt to get fitter and finally see those abs :o)

I bought another classic film to watch - "Taxi Driver" with Robert de Niro and Jodie Foster, I also bought "War Horse" but that's not part of my 101, I just wanted to watch the film as the book was so good.

And that is me for now - time for breakfast and a shower.



  1. Have you watched War Horse yet? I loved the film... but the book was better, I thought. I liked how the story is told through the voice of Joey himself. BTW, found you through Philofaxy. Are you still loving that A5?

    1. Not yet :o( Fingers crossed I'll have time at the weekend - it depends on how easy it is to get the boys to go to sleep :o) And yep, still loving my A5 Holborn Zip at the moment, however I like to keep moving and have a Purple A5 Malden on its way, so may be moving into that one for a while shortly :o)