Monday, 28 May 2012

Hauls Part 2!!!

Well, you know how it is. You're tired, worn out from a fun weekend and a long day at work, knowing full well that tonight is the night for getting that early night before monthend kicks in tomorrow evening, when what happens? Oh no - I had to get something out of my suitcase and then this lot sort of fell out...

I have to admit - it's amazing how much stuff you can get into such a small space :o)
First up is my bundle of stickers and bits that I bought off Ebay, not all of it is here as some of it has already gone to another home (my friends 17 month old daughter now has a small bundle of card making stuff and stickers), and somewhere in my case I still have three bottles of Fairy Glitter

Not a bad haul, card stuff, stickers and stamps
 Next up I have a couple of Oxford notepads that I was given by Maggi who is now the proud owner of the three filos that I gave away. Having read reviews by people who have used this before I was quite excited when I saw these, and they are so smooth to write on - amazing, and how cute are these page markers?

While I was in the UK I went to Wootton Bassett for the weekend to see friends and watch rugby. I thought that popping into Thornton's would be harmless enough - little did I know that they have stationery and lots of other funky things (thankfully my case was already pretty full so I couldn't buy too much, but that didn't stop me from spotting these little beauties...

More sticky notes, some name confetti with my name actually spelt the right way for me, and a fridge magnet
Next up - Artbox haul. Sticky notes, notepads, labels, writing paper and a postcard. There is an "I Heart Artbox" badge somewhere too, but I guess it's still hiding in the clothes...


Gorjuss labels, cute sticky notes and a lovely hearts writing set 

Mr Comic A5 notepad - 8 designs of paper
Super Cat in 8 designs!!!
Little Miss Sunshine seems to be trying to get in with the Modes4U package - I can't say I blame her, their stuff is awesome. Looking forward to using her as a page divider as she is a magnetic bookmark so I can move her round without having to take her on and off the rings :o)

What's in the package then Little Miss Sunshine...?

Wow, wow, wow - and can I just say again - wow!!!
I was in a room all by myself when I opened this package, and there was a squeal, and a "Wow" or two and then a silence of total awe as I went through everything :o)

Sentimental Circus again - notepads, writing set, die cut writing set (awed silence), sticky notes and more stickers

Chou-Fleur writing sets and notepads - v cute

Another die cut writing set with cute little houses on, a deco tape, quite a few rolls of washi tape, a triangle rubber and a pencil that is a rubber if that makes sense - I was very impressed!!!
 I haven't had time to play with my new stationery yet, but I did manage to punch some holes in some of my A5 paper from the first haul last week when I went to see Lucy of Modern Musings fame. It took me the best part of half an hour to punch holes in about 30 sheets of paper using Lucy's metal A5 Filofax hole punch - not because there is anything wrong with it, just because I am a bit special. Every time I thought I had the technique sussed I would be totally unable to punch any holes through the next piece I tried...  But I persevered, and tonight I punched a few sheets from Mr Comic and Super Cat to brighten up my filo. At the weekend I think it will be time (in between sorting out and having Christopher's birthday party) to sort my filo out just the way I want it.

My A5 Holborn Zip looking very professional...
Just a few bits of colour to brighten my day - Super Cat paper peeking out from behind the beautiful Paperchase sticky notes from Lucy :o)
My only section with funky A5 paper so far - roll on the weekend
Mr Comic!!!
 Anyway, I really must get back to doing sensible things like loading the dishwasher, trying to get the youngest chap to go to sleep as he was still pottering around and going through to my bed 10 minutes ago... maybe if I leave him a few more minutes he will actually lie down and go to sleep... yeah, and I might give up all my Filofaxes and stationery - ha ha ha!!!

Will post an update once I have re-organised my very professional filo :o)



  1. So much stash! Can't wait to see how it all gets used :)

  2. I love how those brightly coloured accessories take a bite out of the business look of your Holborn ... he he.

  3. New set-up completed today, pics and blog done - I am soooo happy!!!