Sunday, 20 May 2012

Hauls Galore!!!

Woohoo I am so excited!!!

I know I'm supposed to be packing ready for my flight in the morning and don't have time to be blogging, but OMG - stationery hauls galore!!!

DF arrived this evening while I was starting to get my clothes out ready to pack, when what should fall out of his case? Not one, oh no, but two parcels of stuff for me, so obviously my natural reaction is not to pack as fast as possible, but to open it all, take photos and tell as many people as possible - if the worst comes to the worst, as long as I have one set of clean clothes I can always go to Matalan and get some clothes after work on Monday. Before I go any further I would like to apologise for the number of pictures - I got a bit carried away :o)

So first up - scrapbooking papers ready for using to make dividers for my FFs to and possibly for doing some actual scrapbooking - both items on my list of 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days. I ordered these from the Mayflower Creative Crafts shop on eBay and the service was amazing. There was a comment that if you were buying more than one item to ask for postage discount before ordering, which I forgot about until after I'd placed the order and just thought that I was a bit daft but it wasn't a huge amount of money so didn't email them to see if there was any way I could get the discount applied after or add some stickers to the order or something, but they refunded to my PayPal account with no prompting, which was really good of them.

These are the first scrapbooking papers that I have ever actually seen close up and I just can't get over how amazing they are:

Spring Fling - 60 Sheets

Mademoiselle - 24 Sheets

Mariposa - 24 Sheets and Bright Dots - 30 Sheets Yes - that makes a total of 138, oops!!!

Sample of Bright Dots - not very thick, but a nice basic paper

Sample of Mariposa - thicker and absolutely stunning

Sample of Spring Fling - similar to Bright Dots

Mademoiselle - thicker and the patterns have to be my favourite - they are just gorgeous!!!
Parcel number two was from Modes4U and contained the first of my stationery packages from them. Check these out...

Such a pretty bag - with really cute messages on

Love this business card so just had to take a photo...

... of both sides

Sentimental Circus, writing sets, notepad and stickers - I love Sentimental Circus - soooo cute!!!

Various writing sets

A5 notepads - perfect to go straight into the A5 - maybe it won't look as professional as my To Do lists - but these are fab :o)

Perforated pages, same design through the whole book, but it is fabulous and double sided, so I'm happy

Special surprise - the cat notepad comes with a sheet of stickers - wow!!!

Two designs - single sided print, but lots of designs...

Another two designs...

And the final two :o)

Mermaid sticky notes, washi tape and deco tapes

I can't wait to play with this stuff and start using it in my FF - in fact, it is so nice that I am sorely tempted to move away from the one life one filo practice...

Watch this space for another stationery post as I will be collecting my second Modes4U parcel and my first ever Artbox delivery tomorrow - I won't be able to post until after next weekend though as I won't be home and won't have a camera with me, or my MacBook :o(

Right - now I must pack (or maybe play with my stationery a bit...)

Have a good week :o)



  1. Lindsay you must get a life - this love of scraps of paper is bordering on the obsessive - you'll be talking to them next (or is it already too late?) love Jo & Dad x

    1. It's way too late to start worrying your pretty little heads about that :o)

  2. Lindsay OMG! what a beautiful collection of stationery! I love, love them all! I really envy the amount of fun you are about to have I wish you could blog sooner as I am eager to see the outcome! drop me a comment on my blog once you have posted it so I can check it out ( sorry I don't know how to follow a blog on my phone) hope you have a lovely holiday and lots of fun with your stationery haul! Ashleigh x

  3. Lindsay, Sweetheart, Darling, Daughter of mine I am Sooo........... Jealous, what a beautiful collection x x x x

  4. @ Ashleigh - I was planning on doing a photoshoot of the latest additions this evening (I got back from the UK at 10:30 last night), but I am shattered after a manic week and a fun weekend, so I think it will have to wait until the weekend - although if I were get it out of my suitcase now I would no doubt be way too excited to go to bed :o)

    @ Mum - wait until you see the next lot - you will be even more jealous!!!

  5. Wow, amazing love all this, especially the Sentimental Circus :) xx

    1. Yep - Sentimental Circus has to be my favourite at the moment. Love them!!!