Friday, 18 May 2012

Leaving Home

So, the time has come. Three of my babies are leaving home - they are now packed and ready to go :o(

So let's take one final look at them before they make their journey overseas (obviously I will be accompanying them on their flight - they are too young to be flying alone). Please excuse picture quality, I had to pull these from other group photos as I didn't have time to do new photos before they head off to their new home

First we have the A5 Domino in Ultra-Violet - wonderful thing, and only going because I know that it will be loved and well looked after in it's role as household filo in its new home. I have the personal in UV and the A5 in Violet, so don't feel I need the A5 in UV (in fact. the violet is a stunning colour. This one is going complete with 2011-2012 WO2P Sweden/Denmark style, standard dividers, and some coloured papers, address sheets and a notepad, so should be all the basics for initial setup, although I will point the new owner in the direction of Philofaxy so she can have a look and see what is available of course.

Next up is the pocket Finsbury in Raspberry, I have had it a while now, and although I really like the colour I just can't see me ever using it. I originally got it to use as a wallet, but at the time I thought it was too big (seems a bit stupid saying that as I now have the Pennybridge for that, but it is way more practical), and the zip pocket was just too tight. Unfortunately that doesn't have a diary at all at the moment as I emptied all my binders to do my stock count and then gave away all the pocket diaries as I won't use them (at least not this year), however it does have a random selection of stuff out of my box, so hopefully that will be OK.

Finally, the Cuban Slimline in Ink - I bought it with such good intentions, in fact I ordered two as Sabine (FF convert) at work wanted one - she loves hers and uses it everyday. I tried... for all of twenty minutes (literally), it doesn't have a clasp which I thought would be fine... and the pen loop..., as soon as put a pen or pencil in it, it just bugged the hell out of me. Maybe if the pen loop hadn't been so annoying I'd have been OK with the lack of a clasp, but that pen loop - never gonna happen.

So although I will miss them (especially the Domino, but when they launch new colours of those babies I may have to get more) - they are going to a better place, where they will be loved and cherished, and more importantly, used.



  1. I applaud you! I have thought about parting with a couple of the ones that I have and rarely use but I just can't bring myself to do it!! Instead what do I do??? I buy more! Safe travels!

    1. I figured that I shouldn't have more filos than I have years, and the only way to not have to limit myself to buying one a year from now on is to make some space :o)

    2. I really like that line of thinking...max number cannot exceed my years. My recent splurge has brought my total to about 10 (I really should count them...I'm just guessing that I had about 7 before) sooooo, I can get 28 more!!!! And I made the mistake of reading a blog yesterday about someone's new Siena. I had never given the Siena a second look but now my interest is piqued! Hmmm, how can I justify this one? A Memorial Day gift to myself? Yes, I'll use any excuse/justification!

    3. It's working well for me :o) It allows me to buy new ones and encourages me to part with the ones that I'm just not that keen on :o)

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