Thursday, 17 May 2012

101 List Progress Check - May 17th 2012

I said I would try to post an update weekly, but I have a busy weekend coming up - home alone with the kids, and then will be off to the UK for the whole of next week so it'll be a while before I post another update.

I watched Papillon last night as the second of my classic films - can I just say, awesome!!! I loved it - having looked at Wikipedia this morning it appears their is some debate as to whether the book it is based on is actually Papillon's memoirs or a novel based partly on his personal experiences, but the film is fabulous and I would recommend it to anyone.

Dustin Hoffman and Steve McQueen are both outstanding, and the film has quite a lot going on, but doesn't rely on being ridiculously fast paced and special effects, which so many films seem to rely on these days - in some cases to distract you from the fact that the storyline is either; very similar to many other films, or that the storyline itself just isn't that good.

In other news my supplements are still being taken twice a day - must take this mornings one before it becomes afternoon...

Work has finally started on the garden at our house in the UK and the garden is now cleared, tree removed and fence posts put in - it's only taken 10 months since we got the quote for the work to be started, but it's moving quite quickly and should be done pretty soon - with any luck it may get finished while I am in the UK next week. I don't have any photos here as they are on my work laptop, but should have some good ones to add next week.

Ben's dad has been round to the house as well to see what how the shower we currently have there is connected and we won't be getting an electric shower after all, but we can just get a new unit that fits the connections that are already there which will be quicker and easier to fit, so hopefully I'll be able to cross that one off the list soon too.

Off to take my supplements now and take the boys out in the sunshine to stop us all going crazy :o)


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