Friday, 4 May 2012

More 30mm Rings andi Birthday Surprises

Woop woop!!! I was such a happy bunny on Wednesday - I had and unexpected delivery at my work. I'm afraid you can't see packaging or any teasing shots, but I was too excited to wait to open it.

A surprise birthday present from Splucy (or Lucy and her beloved Mr P)... I was so excited I was squeaking in the office, bouncing about on my chair and grinning like a lunatic for most of the day... look what I got!!!  :o)

Hello Kitty 10 colour pen, Maped 4 colour twin-ended pen, double ended highlighters, super cool bulldog clip thingies for everything I could need and fabulous Paperchase sticky notes - so feminine and cute (pretty much the opposite of me) and absolutely fantastic!!!
Thursday on the other hand was a pretty tough day, until I got home from work to find a delivery note from the Post in my letter box for this beauty...

A5 Holbourn Zip - fully loaded and ready to go, but still not as fat as the Malden
Again, no photos of the unveiling, I was far too busy moving all the contents from my Malden and digging out a few extra inserts to go into it...

It's going to be pretty much all pictures from here on :o)

Loving the fact that you can just stick stuff in it without thinking it may fall out - zip, zip, zip!!!

Pride of place for my new Paperchase stickers, and iPod looks very happy in his new home - he may even get used now as he will be with me instead of on a shelf...
My current favourite daily set up - WO2P with To Do list 

30mm rings and black dividers from Sweden finally in use

Back pockets with lots of space
The only thing that had me concerned at first was that the pockets weren't quite as I was expecting, but I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

When I decide what sections I want to have I will decorate my dividers and take some more photos :o)



  1. Congratulations! We each got a new brown Holborn on the same day, although mine is Personal size. I'm a big fan of the internal pockets layout. It seems to me there is scope to use Flex pads and accessories in the full-length pockets. I'm not yet sure how I feel about that.

  2. Aren't they gorgeous - my DF says the Holbourn Zip looks like a pew cushion... how rude!!! (Although, to be fair, he may have a point - ha ha ha!!! I was hoping to be able to slot a notepad into the pocket at the back, but they aren't big enough to put an A5 in, although I could hack the cover of the notepad. But as it has a zip then a pad of paper can happily just sit behind all the inserts and it gets zipped in anyway (and it helps stop the inserts doing that weird bendy thing that happens to the ones at the bottom when they sneak round the back of the rings. I am a bit OCD, a have to tip my filo while it is open so that all the pages are hanging from the middle of the rings properly before I close it to try to stop this happening... I think there may be something a bit wrong with me :o)

  3. I hope not; I do exactly the same thing.

  4. Me too.....