Saturday, 28 April 2012

30mm Rings, a Couple of Moves and a Nice Surprise!!!

Wow, wow, wow!!!

That is all I can say. I was hoping my order from Filofax UK would arrive in time for my birthday, but as I ordered on Tuesday and my birthday was on Thursday, I knew that it would be a pretty close call.

But the FedEx lady arrived in the office on Thursday with a parcel for me - there was nothing else it could be, and I have to admit I squealed :o) But... I was supposed to wait until I got home to open my present, even though I wasn't going to be home until 9:30 as I had to work late for monthend close - what could I do? Obviously I could be a proper girl, call my DF and tell him my parcel had arrived and sound sorry for myself that I wouldn't be able to move from my violet Domino until the morning.

Ah yes, the violet Domino, what was I doing in there? Well, the red one, although utterly fabulous and a bit scratched (which isn't a bad thing) had a small problem. The top rings had a little gap so the paper kept catching a bit, which isn't the end of the world but I knew that come monthend I would find it really annoying, so I thought that as I was managing to use the A5 successfully this time, I would slip into the aqua Chameleon for a brief interlude so that she could see that it really had been my problem, not hers when I tried to go back to the A5 before. However, I now see why everyone loves 30mm rings - I am totally in love with them. I tried to put everything in the Chameleons 25mm rings and had to do half in one side then the other half on the other side to get the rings to close with any sense and just wasn't happy with it, so out came the violet Domino - it is a truly beautiful colour :o)

The red Domino - Dominoes are very faithful, if you have Dominoes as backups you can never go wrong

30mm rings!!! They are just the rings to beat all rings!!!

purple Domino - empty as less than 24 hours of use leaves no time for photos of it in use  :o)
Anyway, back to the delivery, clearly DF is not heartless and therefore I could open it and here's what I got...

So beautiful together :o)

I immediately transferred everything into the absolutely stunning, stunning, stunning Ochre Malden with it's wonderful 30mm rings. The colour is sublime, it looks old, loved and just stunning. Oh yes, have I mentioned that it is STUNNING!!!? I can now not believe that I was having such a dilemma over whether to order it or not...

Ochre Malden in all its glory

Lying flat like the dream that it is - so soft & flexible

Did I mention the 30mm rings? - awesome!!!

Along with the (stunning, I can say it again) Malden I received the compact purple Pennybridge, so I just HAD to immediately move everything from my purse into it. It is pretty huge for a purse (I have never had a proper big purse in my life) and this thing seems like a brick. Although I have to admit it was so easy to get my travel card out to show the bus driver when I was on my way home, and now I need to decide what set-up to have in there. I think it will just be a purse with a pen/pencil and a few sheets for reminders on the go as I don't intend carrying my A5 everywhere with me (eg shopping - now that would be like carrying a brick).

I seem to have a bit of a thing for purple - love, love, love the colour of this

Purse and filo all in one - excellent

Plenty of card slots and pockets

Space for coinage

WO1P with notes for now, lined paper and To Do lists behind
Final pic of the day - are you ready for the surprise?

A metal divider!!!
Bless my DF. He knows how much I love my filos and all the bits and pieces that go with that so he made me a trial divider to check if the holes are all lined up perfectly. I can change the colour just by changing the paper that it sits in front of, so I an have a different colour every day if I want to. I am soooo looking forward to having the full set...

Watch this space for the eagerly awaited City Organiser delivery (hopefully it won't arrive too soon as I would like to enjoy the Malden for a few days at least)...


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