Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Birthday Excitement!!!

OK, OK - I know that it's not quite my birthday yet, and my presents probably won't arrive until after my birthday, but I am sooooo excited by what I'm getting that I just had to share.

I was looking at the personal Holbourn as it is so fabulous, but also spied the A5 Ochre Malden which I have really wanted for ages (that beautiful leather, full of character, contrast stitching - love, love, love the Malden). As I am back in an A5 at the moment, I'm not sure I should be buying a new personal...

Also, as I have a discount code for Filofax for responding to their A4 questionnaire I thought it would be wrong not to use it before it runs out at the end of May. I know that is a month away, but there is always the chance that I could forget that I have this code if I don't use it now, no?  :o)

I see that the vintage pink pocket Malden is reduced at the moment, and was very tempted, but then saw the compact purple Pennybridge - could this be the perfect purse/wallet?

I thought that I'd have a quick look on the City Organiser site and saw that they have the A5 Holbourn Zip, and it's reduced. I have never seen this one before - plenty of pockets, 30mm rings, loads of space for notepad and sticker storage - this could be my ultimate filo... but can I really be so cruel as to get the A5 Ochre Malden if I get the Holbourn in the A5. I actually truly believed that I shouldn't order the Malden as I couldn't face the thought of it staying in its box for too long and the Holbourn does seem to have it all - looks, feel, space, and the zip - cram it full of junk!!! No, I mustn't do that, no matter how easy it would be to do so...

Thankfully the illness of thinking that I didn't need to order and extra filo didn't last for too much longer, although it did take me two hours of soul-searching before I finally told myself it was OK to have it all.

I am so looking forward to these new babies arriving and taking pics to show them off in all their glory.

I have also found what could possibly be my new hobby- quilling!!! I had never seen it before (or only forgettable stuff) - but check out this link to see some amazing creations on Pinterest. I managed to find, after months of searching, a company in Switzerland who sell scrapbooking papers and lots of craft supplies without being extortionate and whose website is reasonably simple to navigate. I have now got some basic quilling supplies on the way, and if the worst comes to the worst and I am rubbish at it, then I'm sure the boys will be quite happy to have a play with it all :o)

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