Friday, 20 April 2012

101 List Progress Check - 19th April 2012

Hi folks!!!

Sorry I'm not updating weekly as I'd planned, but the good news is that some of the tasks may end up being crossed off sooner than expected.

New released films (DVDs) I'm talking about you :o) I ordered 4 DVDs from Amazon's new releases and they arrived last week, so we watched Happy Feet 2 (not as depressing as the original, but still not that happy...) and Puss in Boots (love the voice of Antonio Banderas as Puss) last weekend.

After reading The Help towards the end of last year, I was really looking forward to watching the film, so settled down to watch it - some weepy parts (but maybe that's just me being a bit weird at the mo). It was a good film, the book was better, but then that's no surprise as it's rare to get a film to pick up the finer details of a book.

Tonight I have a date with my man, the sofa, and Contagion - no doubt by tomorrow morning the cold that Marcus keeps trying to give me will be in full swing and I'll be convinced that I am going to die in the supermarket... update, it is now 5am the morning after, and although I watched the film and thought it was good, it hasn't left me with the feeling that I will ever watch it again, not because it's going to make me paranoid every time I get a cough, but because I just didn't seem to get the feel for many of the characters. Although maybe I should watch it again, maybe I missed something...

Ben also picked up In Time a couple of weekends ago, so we may watch that this weekend, then I think I only have 3 left. War Horse is now out on DVD apparently so I have to get that quick before it is no longer considered new enough to count towards my list, although I nearly cried just watching the trailer for it last night - I am such a wuss!!!

I have started my 3 months of taking supplements with some twice daily vitamin & mineral thing from Beachbody that came with the 10 Minute Trainer programme. Unfortunately I have enough of a problem trying to remember to do anything once a day let alone twice, so I have been pretty rubbish on the one so far (it is now 8pm and I will go and take my two doses for the day shortly).

I am currently on my first of four days off so I shall (attempt) to sort my paperwork, order the prize-winner books off my list (one is ordered from Amazon already for one of the guys from work to bring back for me and another five I can definitely get via Kindle), and be a bit more consistent on my exercise in my endeavours to get ripped abs... although I have lost 18lbs so far, surely there can't be much more hiding them - clearly I just need to make them bigger :o)

I have been logging my working hours since before Christmas to keep a record of how I am doing against my work/life balance targets and am pleased to say that I have been managing pretty well with finishing on time on Mondays and not bringing work home, and only have two more weeks to get through for this one to be completed. I have also managed to finish on time two days a week since March 5th, bringing no work home, and am half way through the three months, only six weeks to go - I am very proud of myself (and my Filofax) for managing to do this.

For the classic films I picked a couple up of DVDs at the airport the last time I was in the UK, only to discover when I got home that Papillon and The Sting were not on my list of classic films to watch, but as they are definitely classics I will just add them to my list (I'm allowed to do that right?). I have also discovered that a friend has Brief Encounter on DVD so I will be adding that to the list and borrowing that shortly.



  1. Movies are free to download at:

    Try this link for the part in the original Bourne film, actually filmed in Zurich, but just try and make sense of the taxi journey around town!