Sunday, 1 April 2012

More Filofax Dilemas...

Well, it's been a busy week, what with monthend at work, dinner with friends (fabulous fondue), fitting in exercise and generally being life.

I spent a couple of hours last week setting up what seemed to be the perfect FF layout for me, on a wonderfully segmented 2PPD diary format.

As the vote came in for me to move back to an A5 filo I figured I would print the templates out to use from Monday and was very excited to try out these new babies...


I was so looking forward to finally having a template that could really work for me and every area of my life... so, how have I loved my new set up...?

Er, well... not a lot actually. I have left it on my desk every night except Friday for 2 reasons:

  • I can't be bothered to take it home
  • I have barely written anything in it
This could be due to it being monthend at work, which although the busiest time of the month, it is totally task based and I have a timetable/checklist for all the monthly procedures (including a separate list for any irregular monthend tasks). Therefore, I have no need to write these tasks into my Filofax.

But I am concerned, is there a more serious problem? Am I just no longer compatible with the A5 as my filo any more...? Have I been spoilt by the luxury of using a personal size for 3 months?

A5 Aqua Chameleon , Personal Crimson Malden

I spent some time yesterday re-reading Christa's post re the Holbourn here, and thinking what a gorgeous rich brown it is (not digging the wine one for some reason, I have no desire for a black filo for some reason, no matter how much more professional it would look compared to some of my others). I am now totally convinced that I need to have a Holbourn in my collection - it has everything, stunning buffalo leather and lots of pockets. Zipped or not, that is now the question...?

I was desperate for the A5 purple Malden, but now I'm not so sure I want the A5, but I don't think I want two personal Maldens. By the way, is it just me or is the picture of the purple Malden on the Filofax UK website really not that nice? All the other pics I have seen have been quite a cheerful purple, but theirs is totally dull and uninspiring.

I haven't given up on the A5 yet though, I have the rest of monthend to get through and then on to all the other stuff, which is where my Filofax comes into it's own - let's see how that goes...


  1. I go through all this same kind of stuff - all the time! Frustrating!

  2. I know - all that work and another week further on and I still haven't used it... *sigh*

  3. I know what you mean about the purple Malden on the Filofax site, really doesn't look that nice! I just got a vintage pink A5 from Amazon & am really happy. Purple would've been nice, but so much more expensive.

  4. Christa? You meant Zoe!
    Regarding A5 vs Personal: I'm now back in my A5 for a few months. And I love it! However, you should give it some time to grow on you. Surely enough, the personal is better suited to be tossed in your handbag. However, I rarely take my planner with me anyway. And for the occasional meeting it is quite okay to have an A5 with me. Must add though, that I usually travel light, e.g. I don't carry a lot of stuff in my handbag anyway, so the weight of an A5 is absolutely bearable.

    I have pre-ordered a purple A5 Malden from City Organiser. Anxiously waiting the re-fill of their current stock...!

  5. @ Jotje - Doh!!! That's what happens when you end up reading and re-reading so many Filofax posts :o) I seem to be alternating between the Home binder post and the Holbourn post at the moment - love them both :o)

    I have to lug my laptop bag round all the time, so I have room for the A5, it just seems to add a stack of weight, but I will persevere (when I can bring myself to put the Malden down) as I have just got a few more A5s that I really want to spend some time in. I'm seriously considering moving away from the one life one filo setup again. I like it, but don't really use it to it's full potential. Maybe I would be better off moving back to a simple A5 set up for my work stuff and using a personal for everything else... there are always more decisions to be made when it comes to the ideal set up... If I move to 2 main binders then I'm sure I can manage to justify a purple Malden and a Holbourn... ooh, now that's got my brain moving :o)