Monday, 20 May 2013

101 Progress Check - May 20th 2013

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay in the update, and apologies in advance about my lack of posts in the next couple of weeks too.

I am off to the UK tomorrow and then again the following week so will be achieving pretty much nothing in the way of my 101 challenges.

However, here is a brief update of what I have done over the last couple of weeks.

Family weekend away - check :-) We went to Europa Park in Germany for the weekend and stayed in a covered waggon (which the boys were very excited about).

Boys with sweet snack...

With Euromaus and prizes/presents

Our covered waggon
I decided to do my 3 sessions of Just Dance/Dance on Broadway in one week this week, I´d switched both for Zumba and Dance central instead as I have no idea where the other two games are, but managed one session and have neither the time or inclination to fit the other two sessions in before my flight tomorrow, so this is on hold again.

This and the Wii Fit/My Fitness challenge will both be on hold now until after our summer holiday as I intend to do a random hybrid of Beachbody workouts in the run up to going away.

But there is one challenge that is in the process of being planned for July - we are finally getting round to getting married (only 5 years later than originally planned). We ordered our rings two weeks ago, about a week after finally deciding we were going to do it in July) and so now have quite a lot to get organised in the next couple of months. But the one thing that we do know is that we will be going to Las Vegas - so that should make organisation at least a bit easier, no?

Have a great couple of weeks,



  1. Congratulations!!! :-)

    Your boys are so sweet!!

    1. They look it - right now I am about to tear my hair out lol x

  2. Hi LJ,
    I have nominated you for a blog award. Please visit my blog for details.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

    1. Thank you very much :-) I will get round to posting my answers etc as soon as I can :-)