Sunday, 27 October 2013

101 Progress Check - October 27th 2013

Hi Guys,

Well, no tasks to cross off this week, although I have made a start on quite a few.

Sorting through the boys clothes - I have been through their drawers and wardrobe, and now have a whole big IKEA bag full of clothes to go to the clothing bank down the road. I have also been through most of the shoes and binned the old ones (they were hiding in the junk at the bottom of the stairs). I still need to go through all the hats, gloves, scarves, coats and snow trousers, and then I'm done - yay!!!

On Monday I started taking my iron supplements and fish oils, which reminds me, I really need to take those this morning as soon as I've finished writing this post.

I started reading Fanny Hill and am struggling to get into it at all - as it's such an old book the language style is so different from today and this makes it trickier. I was considering changing it for something else, but as I'm 25% of the way through then I shall keep going. So far though - it is just rude!!! lol

The main reason I haven't got further through Fanny Hill is that when I finished Black Beauty the new book by Alison Morton was launched. Perfiditas is the second book by Alison, her first, Inceptio, was launched earlier this year, and I have to say (because it's true, not because someone is making me), I just had to make this book my priority, and am so pleased I did. I loved reading Inceptio, I love the writing style, and the book is based on such an interesting idea and characters (I'm giving nothing away, just read the book), so was sure Perfiditas would also be good. I was a little concerned that it may not be able to live up to it's older sibling, but within minutes my fears were allayed as I held tight for more action, mystery and intrigue - love, love, love it!!!

Time to go take my supplements now - enjoy the recommended reading :-)


Update:     It is now Sunday evening and I have finished sorting the boys clothes, and started on the hallway cupboards - go me!!!

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