Sunday, 3 November 2013

101 Progress Check - November 3rd 2013

Hiya :o)

It's been another busy week with a couple of late nights at work as we're now at month end again, and I haven't done a huge amount relating to my 101. However, I hadn't planned to get much done this week, so I'm not beating myself up about it.

I finished reading The Memoirs of Fanny Hill, and almost gave up on it even when I was almost finished as I found it really hard going (no pun intended). The language was the hardest thing I think and there are only so many descriptions of the male parts that you can read before you begin to get a bit bored with it all... especially when it's in a flowery, long-winded style.

I am now reading Uncle Tom's Cabin which has almost had me in tears on the train, and I am dying to see what happens to each of the characters - it is heart-breaking.

Apart from that I have actually managed to keep on top of the basic cleaning this week so I haven't had to do a massive clean over the weekend - which is great, as my boys have been up at silly 'o' clock both mornings and I am now absolutely shattered - where do they get their energy from? Maybe I should stop feeding them or something... joking, I don't feed them now as my cooking isn't safe :-)

I have quite a few items on my list to do in November, so later today I will be planning when I'll be starting/working on each one... fingers crossed for November.

Have a great week,