Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Fun

Warning - too much writing in this post I'm afraid, Christmas is great!!!

What a lovely Christmas we have had this year. The boys are both that little bit older so were excited in the run up to the big day (although thankfully not over excited).

DF's dad came over to spend Christmas with us, which is fabulous - unfortunately last year there were problems with the weather in the UK and he couldn't get here.

Christmas morning came and the boys were up at 6:15am, which is OK as that is the time they always get up (yes, even at weekends - I really need to train them better). And for the first time in quite a while I got ready and did my make-up (with only one week to go until completion of the make-up part of my 101 things to do in 1001 days there was no way I was going to leave it until later and run the risk of forgetting altogether).

The boys were very pleased to see their little Christmas bags from each other in their bedroom and had come downstairs and taken a sneaky peek in the front room with their torches before coming through to ask if it was morning yet. They hadn't even opened the bags in their room, bless them :o)

They opened most of their presents before anyone else started, but that was fine, we had a trick up our sleeves for them, but the hit of the day has to have been the walkie-talkies... which were and will continue to be a tad annoying at times, but they are happy

And then came the adults presents - DFs dad got a digital SLR camera, which he is loving (and which will be used for some of the photos for this post shortly), while DF got a winter coat (thankfully he does  actually like it - so now I can breathe again) and some more of his fave Jean Paul Gaultier shower gel and perfumey stuff.

So what did I get? I am so totally spoilt!!! My ruby Deco and London 2012 Line Burst in blue were boxed, and all ribboned up under the tree (I was allowed to know these as I had placed the order myself).

I had a sneaking suspicion that I may get an extra present under the tree as it had been feared that I would have no presents under the tree as my filos had been lost in transit, and I had bought myself a coat from DFs dad (white, puffy and full of feathers - just like wearing a duvet - the coat, not DFs dad...) to wrap up and put under the tree but DF clearly thought I deserved even more special things - I must have earned myself lots of Brownie points at some point...

But what was that...? - a third FF box...? At that point, being a total FF fan, there are a few thoughts that pass very quickly through your head:
  • Ooh - another FF, what is it...?!!!
  • Oh, please don't let it be an Apex... DF knows that I almost stalked someone because I thought they were going to buy one (and not for good reasons either)
  • Oh - maybe it's a cunning ruse. Two FFs arrived with boxes, paper and ribbon for wrapping, but the Deco already had a box... maybe he is toying with my Filofax emotions...
Box 1... the fabulous blue Line Burst, I just love the inserts. There is a good chance that this filo will never be used and will just remain as a fabulous piece of memorabilia, but it is cute - and that today marker - love it!!!

Box 2... the long coveted ruby Deco in all its glory. So beautiful that until it came to time to take photos I couldn't bring myself to remove the protective plastic from that sophisticated clasp. It is so soft, the insides are divine and the whole thing is just pure luxury. I was however, quite fine with ripping its guts out to sort all my inserts ready to decide what I want to use where.

And so it was with trepidation (and a warning that he had better get ready to start running if it was an Apex) that I opened box 3 to find...

He is amazing and I do love him!!! I kept thinking about getting an iPhone, not because I wanted an iPhone specifically, but because the thought of all those apps to play with just appeals to me - lots!!! Being the workaholic that I am I have never actually looked at what the iPod does, I was thinking music, music and er... music. How wrong I was!!! All those fun apps are available on the iPod - I think I may have just died and gone to Heaven :o)

The boys were very surprised (and thrilled) to find that a football table had appeared upstairs when we went back up after opening the presents -  our 6 year old clearly gets to play this way too much at his lunch club at school as he is pretty good already and delighted in taking everyone on :-)

On returning downstairs it was noticed that there was an envelope stuck in the tree... and now the boys think we are the best... tickets to see Batman Live when it comes to Zurich in February. They saw the posters ages ago and got very excited, but haven't mentioned it for a while and so were very pleased when they saw what the tickets were for. We are now all looking forward to going to see the show :o)

The rest of the day passed with no calamities - the boys went out with their Grandad and the walkie-talkies while DF and I cooked lunch, and the afternoon was sunny, fun and relaxing (mainly - come on, the boys are 4 and 6, it's Christmas, it had to get a bit hectic at some point).

Boxing Day just served to remind me how lucky we are to live here in Switzerland. Although there was no snow, the sun was shining, the sky was clear and on our afternoon walk (those extra calories have to go somewhere) we even saw a horse and trap... lovely.

Enjoy the rest of the Christmas season and New Year.



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