Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dividers - Shopping for Materials


I got an afternoon off work on Wednesday and I was so excited, and I know it's a bit sad to get so excited about the chance to go shopping for stationery, but I had heard about a shop in Zurich that may sell scrapbooking papers, cardstock and all the other bits and pieces that go with scrapbooking. So when twelve 'o' clock came, I was out of the office faster than you can say "Malden rocks" and on the tram into the city.

I got to the stationery store at 2pm as I wasn't sure if they'd be one of the places that shuts for two hours at lunchtime, which is quite common in Switzerland. They had quite a good selection of stickers, and various bits and pieces, along with patterned origami papers, Success personal organisers and inserts, plain coloured paper and some rainbow stuff. Unfortunately though, they didn't have what I was looking for. No patterned scrapbooking paper, and their plain coloured paper could only be bought in packs of ten, and as I don't want to be making a load of dividers in the same colour I didn't really want to be buying these packs. But I did manage to buy metallic pens to write on my black dividers, and some packs of coloured pipe cleaners for the boys to make things with, as they love them.

But what had I done with my two hours between leaving work and arriving at the stationery store...? As I was on a stationery mission, I thought I would check out the stationery sections of a couple of the department stores (Co-op and Globus). I was impressed with both as Co-op had a good selection of A4 coloured papers available individually for only 50rp each, and they also had boxes of photo corners which I will be needing soon for customising my dividers, and I will potentially be using one of my FFs as a photo album.

Globus on the other hand... oh my word!!! They stock Filofaxes!!! Admittedly I would never buy a filo over here as the prices are extortionate, but they had loads. Amongst the shelves of inserts and pens, they had a glass cabinet devoted entirely to FFs - stunning!!! I longed to touch them, but they were locked away - but I had a good look to check out their stocks, Chameleons, Maldens, no Deco, but what did I spot, top shelf as it was so exquisite - THE OSTERLEY!!! Please excuse shouting, but IT IS GORGEOUS!!! The plum Osterley will be the next filo on my list of coveted filos to own. As the Deco is coming for Christmas, then maybe I will be lucky enough to get the Osterley for my birthday.

And then, what did I see to my right, on the open shelves running along the side of the stationery department...? Dominoes in all colours and sizes, along with... eeeuw the dreaded Apex... in all it's vile colours. I actually picked one up to see why anyone would buy one (unless it was their first one, and then they know no better), and really cannot see the appeal. While I was looking at the dominoes - the orange one is very nice and isn't available on the UK site - a lady came over pushing a buggy and went straight for the black Apex, I felt a wave of panic come over me and moved off slightly to the inserts. She then picked up the frightening green one, it was like she knew what she was looking for and just couldn't decide which colour to get. All I could think of was how I could approach her (with my very poor German) without seeming like some total freak!!! If she was buying for herself and has that bad taste, then fair enough, or if she was buying for someone of school age, but if she was thinking of buying for someone because they love filos, then it would be the worst decision ever. Thankfully she stepped away from the Apexes, and went off to another area.

Is it wrong that I had to fight an urge to stalk her until she left the store to make sure she didn't buy it as a present for someone?



  1. You nearly made me snort green tea out of my nose with that urge to stalk to make sure she didn't get the Apex comment!

    The Osterley is lovely! You know what would be the ideal Filo? An Osterley with a Deco clasp ;0) should definitely get the Osterley for your collection. It's good as an office Filo, since the leather can easily get scratched, or in my case, discoloured. I think the Deco is less delicate.

    In any case, once you go Deco and/or Osterley, it's hard to look back on life before them# ;0)

  2. Thankfully I wasn't drinking anything when I spied the Apex - the hideousness of the experience would probably have made me choke :o)

  3. Ahhh stationery shopping. The highs and lows of it. I could spend hours looking at stationery!

    You know I've never actually touched an Apex.
    Do you think I should? Just for, you know, the experience?

  4. I don't think it was stalking as much as a public service -- Well done!


  5. @ Claire - don't do it!!! It is truly frightening ;o)

    @ Tracy - maybe I should write to the Queen and ask to be officially recognised :o)