Friday, 2 December 2011

Filofax Taunts Me...

What a fabulous start to my week - I arrived in work on Monday to find a Filofax box on my chair containing my beauties from the Filofax Sweden sale. I am  now the proud owner of a slate Domino, a pink Hearts and a yellow Hearts - they looked so lovely sitting on my desk that I was tempted to keep them there as "art".

All arrived complete with the same inserts as seen in the filos from the Denmark sale (including the black dividers), so I am a very happy bunny.

My assistant Raffael - stop reading now Raffa!!! (how important does that make me sound, it's not that cool, it's just finance, but he is a superstar) - actually quite likes my A5 red Graphic that I got from Denmark so I had ordered one for him, and he is really rather impressed with how good it is (or so he tells me).

Filofax fixes for the year done now, right?

So there I was on Thursday, sat at my desk, minding my own business and working hard (it is monthend after all), when what should pop into my Inbox?  An email from Filofax VIP stating Filofax 50% Sales Ends 4pm...  aaaarrrgh!!!  I had done so well.

I had seen the post on Philofaxy letting everyone know of the bargains to be had, had a quick look, and then decided I didn't need any more. But surely just a quick double check couldn't hurt...?

But there it was... the one that I have coveted since I bought my first FF 9 months ago - the personal ruby Deco. That beautiful finish, that fabulous clasp... no, I could resist, but a pocket crimson Malden to go with my personal, that would be nice.... no, resist!!!

So I resisted, whilst Raffael and my boss both sat and laughed at me, totally not believing that I would be able to resist... Then Sabine asked what I had got - nothing!!! Honestly, these people have no faith in me whatsoever...

But I need the blue Olympic as my Christmas present for myself from my boys, best I log in... and I do need to order an annual vertical pull out calendar for next year, the tabbed month on 2 pages would be useful too... best I get those... oh, and the Cuban slimline in ink as Sabine is getting one and I would really like one, and they are half price... job done. Oops - did how did that Deco get in there?

Roll on Christmas day!!!



  1. Yay yay yay yay LJ has a Deco :0) I'm still totally in love with mine you are going to adore it and such a lovely Christmas present too Lx

  2. It's so exciting - and I think Ben is going to make me some special dividers for Christmas, although I'm not sure which FF they will go in yet. Can't say any more at the mo as they are top secret, but will do a full post when I have them :o) LJx

  3. I'm a new Filofax convert so I have soooo much to learn. It's like when I do a painting, it takes me forever to decide how to start! Mine is pink! Since I won it (!) I didn't get to choose but it rocks. I am going to become so organized, right???

  4. @ Healthier & Wealthier - they are a fabulous!!! The fact that they come in so many sizes, colours, designs, materials, layouts and the insides are totally customisable, makes them a winner!!! Good luck with your Filo (I am guessing the Apex is your baby at the moment) - my first was the Finsbury personal aqua, which I got earlier this year and I love it dearly, but I now have many to choose from and love them all (mostly...) :-) x

  5. Just as I expected - a great start of the week! :)
    And a Ruby Deco?! I don't think they'll ever produce such a beautiful model again - so enjoy it (and share a bit of it in the post, will you, please)! ;)

  6. @ Vanjilla - I will definitely be doing a post on this baby when I get it. I know I should't be blogging on Christmas day, but I have a feeling that I will be too pleased with my Deco that I won't be able to stop myself :-)

  7. I got one from the swedish filo sale and what a great day that was! :) Congrats on your purchases