Sunday, 23 June 2013

101 Progress Check - 23rd June 2013

Firstly, may I just say I am very, very sorry - I have been absolutely shockingly rubbish at keeping up with my blog recently (I haven't even been reading the blogs that I follow), life seems to have just taken over at the moment.

However, I do have some progress to report :o)

Firstly, although I haven't been spending time teaching Christopher to read in English, because he is learning to read at school (in German) he is becoming more interested in reading English too. The last two nights he has been reading to Marcus at bedtime (which is so cute to hear), and is doing really well. I think he will be happy to spend some time with me soon to learn some of the rules so that he is more easily able to read words that he doesn't recognise.

We had a family day out last weekend, which was totally unplanned. We took the boys to NONAM (Northern Native American Museum) in Zurich for a look round with a couple of our friends in the morning and the boys joined in the children's workshop, so it was a couple of hours later by the time we left. Then we went to the park to have Bratwurst for lunch in the sunshine. The boys love the Chinese Garden at Tiefenbrunnen so we ended up going there for a while, before heading into town to get ice cream from the Mövenpick shop. By the time we got home it was almost time for dinner and we'd all had a great day - result!!!

And now the big stuff... wedding plans!!! Rings were ordered at the beginning of May (they were due to be ready 3 weeks later, but are now expected to be ready July 9th... not overly impressed, but as long as we can collect them before we leave I'm not too bothered), the dress was ordered last week and I've received an email saying it should be delivered tomorrow (I can't wait to try it on), and the flights and hotel were all booked via Expedia last week as well.

There is still quite a lot to do and less than three weeks left to do it all, but I'm sure it'll all get done. I finally got round to finding out what I need to do and now have a list, so I can actually start getting it done. Here are my outstanding tasks:
                       - get Ben's suit and shoes
                       - order clothes and shoes for Vegas (I seem to have no shorts, swimsuits, sandals etc)
                       - choose and buy wedding accessories (shoes, hair stuff/tiara etc)
                       - complete ESTA (otherwise we won't be able to get into the US)
                       - decide what to do re hair (colour, cut, have it put up...?) and makeup. I'm thinking I
                         may need to get someone to hair and makeup for me.
                       - book the wedding (decide on date and which package)
                       - pick up the rings
                       - cake (we probably don't need one, but they have fabulous wedding cakes there)
                       - pre-register for marriage license (we don't need to, but it saves time when you get there

Time to get moving :o)

Have a great week,


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