Sunday, 30 June 2013

101 Progress Check - 30th June 2013

Hi Guys,

Well, this is probably going to be my last post for a while. Next weekend will be my last weekend before I go on holiday, and I still have a fair bit to do (and will probably be getting the stuff ready for packing sorted out).

I realised today (after reading Angela´s blog here) that I have one year left of my 101 in 1001 days challenge left, and looking at my list I still have quite a lot to achieve.

However, when I get back from holiday I will be able to cross off at least things off my list as I am off to Vegas to get married - woohoo!!! All my amazing organisational skills (ha ha ha!!! says the girl who ordered her dress less than three weeks ago, with an expected delivery date approximately four days before we are due to leave the country). But I have to say, the service from Light in the Box was fantastic, and the dress arrived twelve days after I placed the order - job done!!!

We had a total palaver with the only thing I did organise in plenty of time - the rings... We ordered then at the beginning of May and were told they would be ready in three weeks, and when I called them four weeks later to find out where they were I was told that they take three weeks so should be there in the next two weeks??? Needless to say I thought this was a rather strange response, but when you´re doing your best to deal with something like this in a language you´re not totally comfortable with it´s not easy. I left it another couple of weeks and called again (on a Friday afternoon), at which point the woman did say that they seemed to be taking a long time and that she would call them and call me right back... so I sat at my desk all afternoon on tenterhooks and... Nada... not  a bloody thing.
I tried again on the Monday to discover they were closed, and again on the Tuesday morning when another woman said she would call them and get right back to me. She was true to her word and called me back, only to tell me that the order had been lost due to a "technical error" - and asked when I needed the rings for. I said July 12th, and she asked if I´d be able to pick them up on July 11th... not really my idea of fun, waiting until literally the last minute so there would be no time to sort something else out if there was a problem, so we agreed on July 9th. But today I checked my work email and there was the mail I wanted to see - the rings are now ready for collection.

This little adventure has taught me one thing... don´t try to organise stuff too far in advance, someone or something else will only scupper it for you and add extra stress. Actually, it has taught me two things - the jewellers need a Filofax to keep track of when they are expecting items in for their customers so they can follow up on items that are late :o)

Apart from the big things like dress, rings and booking the flights/hotel I hadn´t done anything until last weekend (when I sorted out my Filofax to make my list). I have now done almost everything important(apart from shoes - as I have to call the store tomorrow to see if they have the shoes I want in stock, if not I will have to try for some others as these ones take 10-15 working days to deliver, and will be married by then). Hair and makeup ideas I guess will be next, but if I run out of time I can always shave my head and wear a headscarf :o)

Catch you all later, have a great few weeks,



  1. After all is said and done, these "hiccups" will make for a good story! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! May your new life be filled with much love, adventure, health, and Filofaxes!

    1. Thank you :o) Still not done anything on the hair and makeup front for the day, but I have been to the hairdressers for a long overdue colour, and we´ve picked up the rings - although I think we´ll be struggling to get them on in the Vegas heat - I may have to take a little bottle of liquid talc :o)

  2. Congratulations! Hope the wedding is wonderful!

    1. Thank you - we had a fabulous time, and are now getting settled back into home before going back to work on Monday :-)