Sunday, 11 November 2012

101 List Progress Check - 11th November 2012

Wow - I am pleased with myself this week.

My most exciting achievement that I new about last week but couldn’t write about on here was being featured as the Reader Under the Spotlight on Philofaxy on November 5th, yes, that was me!!!  I am now famous - yay!!!

I am now on day 11 of my Frugal is Fabulous No Shopping challenge and it’s not been easy so far. Firstly, too many people blogged about lovely notebooks during the first week - stop it, you’re not helping!!! I really am going to have to start a wishlist ready for investigating when the three months is over... 

Ben and I stayed at the amazing Kempinski Mirador hotel at Mont Pelerin for four nights to have some time for ourselves and it was fabulous, and all booked through so a vast saving on the standard room rates. The view from our balcony was outstanding and the sun was shining and it was about 9 degrees outside, but felt much warmer - hence the lying on the sunlounger in shorts and vest - so relaxing. We browsed round the shops in Vevey where there was a fair bit of temptation and I did well. But on the Thursday we hopped on the train to Geneva to meet up with Antonella (lovely relation - too complicated to explain...) and she took us round Geneva - oh my word, I almost postponed my No Shopping challenge until next year. The shops there are amazing, and we sniffed out stumbled upon the most wonderful stationery selections and specialist shops!!!

Today I have written out and addressed all my Christmas cards apart from a special one that has to be done via Moonpig and most presents have also been bought or ordered - I’m on a roll. Hopefully by this time next week I’ll be done - if the other half has any idea at all about what he’d like for Christmas... what can you get for a guy whose hobbies are band and working out when he already has more guitars and fitness equipment that you can shake a stick at??? 

I have also been using my Dodo book of Christmas for my Christmas planning. I have all the Christmas day food list, and nibbles list, Christmas cards lists, presents list, and have even bought a couple of new tree decorations (the intention is that the boys will get a new decoration to put on the tree each year) and have got the advent calendar, chocolates for the tree and the Pannetone - I am rather impressed :o)

Have a great week,


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