Thursday 15 November 2012

Spread It All Out

Hmmm... having thought about what seems to work for me and what really doesn't I have decided to set up a few binders with specific purposes.

I will have:

         -     emergency grab fax (A5 or A4)
         -     personal organisation stay at home fill (personal)
         -     work (already separated, compact)
         -     scrapbooking plans and ideas (A5)
         -     happiness binder (currently personal aqua Finsbury)
         -     Goddess Circle binder (currently A5 purple Malden)

I am considering combining the happiness & Goddess Circle binders as I think these two would go very well together.

Wish me luck.



  1. I've adopted a 'family' approach - mainly because all my stuff won't all fit into one FF! Look forward to reading about each of them. The happiness binder sounds interesting - what do you keep in there?

    1. Everything I actually need would probably still fit into ont, but it's just such a faff trying to find my way round everything, and I don't need to carry it all around with me. The happiness binder was supposed to be for me to put things in that made me smile - pictures, quotes, notes of things that have happened, but so far I have put very little in it because I am so rubbish :-D