Sunday, 31 March 2013

101 Progress Check - March 31st 2013

Hi All,

Just time for a quick post this Easter Sunday before I get my butt moving ready for lunch (which Ben is cooking because no-one wants food poisoning).

There is not much to report on my 101 challenge as I have mainly been concentrating on getting through the Les Mills Combat programme. There are 11 days to go and I have been struggling over the last week or so, due to being very tired, and the last few days of not eating so healthily probably haven't helped. Today's supposed to be a rest day, but tomorrow I'm down for Combat 45 Power Katas, which I love so I may be tempted to do that this afternoon. In fact I may try to push myself to complete the rest of the programme in less that 11 days so that Ben is here when I finish my last day :-)

I have seen posters up for a couple of contemporary ballet performances that are coming up shortly, so I am planning on investigating the possibility of going to see at least one of them, although I would really like to see both if I can. One is in Zurich (near work) and I think the other is in Baden (near home) so could be perfect.

If you saw my Easter post this morning you will have seen that I have been looking at scrapbooking supplies again in preparation for scrapbooking a few pages of my boys, so hopefully it won't be too long before I have those started.

Using my Plannerisms planner for my household routine is starting to work for me. Even if I don't do an area on the day it is down to be done, I can still see that it needs to be done, and am making sure they are done at some point during the week. I haven't been logging my food so well the last few days as it's Easter and I know I'm not eating the things I should. I know that's no excuse, but as I log in terms of proteins, carbs etc it's too much effort to work out what the bad stuff should count as.

I'm being called for lunch now, so that'll be me signing off.

Have a great week.


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