Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Cheerful End to a Stressful Day

Phew!!! The worst part of monthend is pretty much over (it is manic at work), and although I had planned on leaving work on time yesterday, due to a few issues that arose I ended up getting home almost two hours late, which meant that the boys got to bed before I got home. To be fair, this isn't always a bad thing :o)

My oldest boy, Christopher, had been waiting patiently and checking the post box each day as he was waiting for his black Finsbury to arrive from the king of Philofaxy himself, Steve. So my first question was to ask Ben if Christopher's parcel had arrived, and it had. Ben was under strict instructions that I wasn't to look at it until the morning, bless him. However, the initial response had me a bit confused "Yes, there's a parcel for you as well...", who could be sending me a parcel?

Then I saw the name on the parcel "Micheline", how on earth could I have forgotten that the rather pink looking Winchester was on it's way to me? I have to say, for an old girl, she is looking mighty fine. Way more refined that some of these flibberty-gibbets who try to flaunt themselves at every available opportunity (yes Temperley's I'm talking about you).

In the pictures that I had seen of her she looked like she (yes, she is definitely a she) may be quite hard, and she is quite sturdy, but still feels very supple and strokeable, like any female should. She even felt kind of warm, hence I ended up cuddling her for quite a while - she is just such a love, and straight away feels like an old friend.

Anyway, I beginning to weird myself out now, so time for some pics )obviously none of the actual unwrapping, because I couldn't wait :o)

Lovely card which was on the front of the beautifully
wrapped box - complete with washi tape 

Lady Winchester

Still looking slim, despite the years :o)

Inside (with post-its and stickers). The dividers are a coated card
and are therefore seem really durable. What's hiding behind
that flap? 

Pockets!!! No credit card pockets (who needed
loads of those?)

Warner Bros to do lists - fabulous, so many different ones!!!

WO2P diary inserts with perforated corners to remove so it's
easy to find where you are... love this feature

Inside back - another flap, love the way these protect both the
rings and the outer leather so there is no chance of bulges

My first filo with a gusseted pocket I think
I think you will agree, I have just got myself a bit of a legend - she may be my first Filofax to receive a proper name.

This morning I was very privileged, when Christopher came downstairs and showed me his new filofax. He is very impressed with his personal sized Finsbury. He was also very impressed by Steve's Philofaxy business cards, and he shared them, he said that Marcus and I could both have some and he shared them out amongst the three of us, giving three to me, four to Marcus and keeping four for himself (including one that was larger than the rest with smaller writing on it which he'd noticed straight away). I am so proud of my boy that he shared them all - he can be such a sweetie. Before I left for work I was on a bit of a mission to dig him out some inserts, and found a complete set of 2013 WO2P inserts and full divider sets for him to put in. As I handed them to him he said "All of those?" as if he thought I would just give him a few pages to go in, and then went off to the dining table with Marcus to help him open his Filofax properly so he wouldn't damage the rings (there was no way Christopher was going to put those inserts down to allow him to have both hands free). Tonight both boys have gone to bed, Filofaxes in hand, and put them on the table between their two beds - so cute :o)

Sweet Filofax dreams everyone,



  1. I love this post. Particular the parts about your sons and their Filofaxes. Though your Winchester is GORGEOUS! Anyway, it really pulled on the heart strings because I too have a son. I hope to pass on my love of writing and planners and the like to him as well. Visions of little boys with planners dancing in my head. Precious. :)

    1. It is very cute when little ones have their own ones. They don't write anything in them (apart from Marcus writing his name a lot), but love to draw in them and put stickers in. If it makes them happy then it makes me happy :-)

  2. aw that's lovely! Did you see the guest post on my blog? this is the same winchester right?

    1. Yes, it is indeed that very same Winchester. So pleased that you had it on your blog - it is beautiful :-)

  3. What a sweet story with your boys. And I'm drooling over your Winchester. Pink?! Red?! Gorgeous!

  4. Glad the Winchester arrived safe and sound. Looks beautiful :)

    1. Me too - I was so pleased when it got here. I was surprised by how much I fell in love with this pink angel as soon as she arrived - she is just utterly touchable and amazing :-)

  5. Another generation of Filofax users. Very cool.

    1. Indeed, bless them. I can't take them into stationery stores unless we are definitely buying something for them as they love getting new pens, The last time we went they both got a new Frixion pen each :-)

  6. That Winchester looks WONDERFUL!