Sunday, 31 March 2013

A Lazy Easter Morning

Happy Easter everyone :o)

When the weather is like this (wet all day, snowing every night) what is the best way to spend Easter Sunday? Yep that's right... being as lazy as possible.

It is now 11am, and I'm sat on the sofa in my PJs and finally doing something (blogging, obviously).

I was up just before 7am with the boys, they watched Madagascar 3 while I checked emails and stuff while half away, sorted breakfast & then we ate the ears off our chocolate bunnies, before Ben came through to join us.

Christopher then asked if he could have computer time, at which point Marcus got very upset as he didn't want to play Lego Lord of the Rings again, so Christopher played on his own for  half an hour, and then I got to have my first ever go playing Skylanders Giants - we completed the first chapter, go us!!!

Since then I have mainly been browsing the scrapdeco website and putting oodles of stuff (books, kits, papers, stickers, ribbons etc) in my basket. I really need to try to see if they have a wishlist function, otherwise I'll forget what I wanted to get and it'll take ages to find it again, otherwise my finger may just slip on that checkout button ;-)

This is the kit that I want to get to do a couple of scrapbooking pages of the boys.

Picture from scrapdeco website

Today I saw a link posted on Facebook to Project Life, which looks like a fabulous way to store memories and write little journal notes (thanks Laura for posting about this, it looks gorgeous). There are a couple of places that do similar things, but for low effort, this one is particularly awesome.

Picture from Project Life website

One of the others that has lovely looking products for doing this sort of thing is Simple Stories, where you can input more of your personal style with customisation, choosing your layouts, sticking extra bits on etc.

Picture from Simple Stories website
Hampton Art also do a journalling range called Ditto, which has journals, inserts, tabs, stamps, stickers etc. All of these systems tempt me, but at the moment I am resisting as I have specific challenges to meet first and am going to try to concentrate on those (ha ha ha!!!).

Picture from Hampton Art website
 So that's what I've been up to this morning - I guess I really should get my butt in gear and actually do things this afternoon (including writing some outstanding blog posts, which I have finally taken photos for).

Enjoy your day :o)


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