Sunday, 3 March 2013

101 Progress Check - March 3rd 2013

Hello :-)

What's the progress report this week?

Well, I have been mainly concentrating on my fitness challenge to complete the Les Mills Body Combat programme. I am now on Day 21, and it's going well - so well in fact that I noticed this morning that my butt has risen and no longer hangs quite so low (sorry for that visual that's now been planted in your head - quick, look away!!!).

I have now booked us into a covered wagon in May at Europa Park for two nights, so our family weekend away is definitely all set to happen.

Yesterday I spent a large part of the morning sorting out the boys bedroom properly so that I can get started on setting up a play room for them. This is what their room looks like now (unfortunately I don't have any before pictures).
Clothes storage

Skylanders posters in pride of place

A tidy room with no toys in... how long will that last?
Today I actually made lunch (cooking stuff and everything), I'm surprised Ben didn't have a heart-attack... I made tuna fishcakes, and as it is the first time I have actually made them, despite having them very regularly when I was younger, I can now say that I have now learnt three out of the six new recipes in my challenge - result!!! They actually tasted good too, even though we had too much tuna for the amount of potato we had :o)

The one task that I can mark off as completed this month is my donation to charity. I thought it was going to be hard to decide which charity to give to, but actually, just as I was starting to think about who to donate to there was an update on Philofaxy about a charity called Chimwemwe who you can read more about Chimwemwe and the great work that they do here. When people sell their Filofaxes via the Adspot page of Philofaxy, they make a donation to Chimwemwe, which is their chosen charity.

I didn't want to donate to one of the big charities that everybody knows for a couple of reasons. I wanted to be able to give some money that would be enough to make a difference to them, and I also didn't want to give it to a charity that spends a huge amount each year on advertising (in particular those ones that send you a nice leaflet in the post, complete with form to fill in, pen and envelope to send it all back in) - I can see why they do what they do, but I just find it such an offensive waste of donations that are supposed to be going to a good cause.

As I wasn't donating to one of the big charities, am a huge Philofaxy fan, and admire Amanda who blogs about stationery etc here for her huge involvement in Chimwemwe, it made total sense for this to be the charity that I donated to.

That's me for this week. Have a great week.



  1. Well done for getting a better bum/tidying the boys room/donating!!

  2. Thank you SO much for the donation to Chimwemwe! It really does make a huge difference to us as a small charity. Thank you!!