Sunday, 21 October 2012

101 List Progress Check - 21st October 2012

Well, I don't seem to be making a huge amount of progress in my 101 in 1001 at the moment. I'm feeling a bit lacklustre about the whole thing for some reason - more planning required methinks!!!

So what's happened this week?

I've started reading The Sea by John Banville, I haven't got that far in it yet as I haven't done any reading the last couple of nights, but am planning on going to bed reasonably early with my Kindle tonight :o)

I did some more exercise this week, although still haven't managed to get into a routine yet. I did Tummy Tuck from the Brazil Butt Lift programme on Wednesday morning (my ribs felt like I'd been in a fight from Thursday afternoon until Saturday morning, and still feel a bit bruised now), and yesterday I did Kenpo X from the P90X programme which is great!!! If I can get into doing at least three workouts a week (even if I only do 30 minutes) then the abs should begin to do something...

Transferring my CD's to iTunes - well, I had Friday off work so thought if I switched on the pc then I could just swap CD's each time I walked past... using this method I managed a grand total of zero CD's, as I didn't actually get round to even turning the pc on - useless!!! I guess I just wasn't designed for multi-tasking :o(

I am aiming to get all the Christmas cards and presents sorted by the end of this year , so I've pulled out my Dodo Book of Christmas with all my lists from last year ready to go. I'll also be using this to plan everything else for Christmas - food, what to get, cooking plans etc.

Yesterday we I spent too much money and think that, as well as wanting to complete a Frugal is Fabulous 3 months challenge, I am beginning to need to. Despite previously being a total anti-shopper (I could go into town knowing what I needed to find, and by the end of my shopping trip I would be grumpy and would have decided that I didn't really need anything on the list anyway), I am now a bit of a shopaholic, it is time for intervention...  Thankfully my DF has taken over the anti-shopping mantel. So I think I need to make the decision regarding when to start my fabulously frugal challenge, I will be going back to Caribbean Princess' blog to check out the rules and tips.

The question is, do I start my challenge next month, or should I wait until after Christmas? I will still be allowed to by things for Christmas and I will need to work out exactly what my official declaration will be, and what is excluded (eg buying Christmas cards and presents for people).

Have  a fab week.


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