Sunday, 28 October 2012

An Amazing Find!!!

Wow, wow and wow!!!

Super short post now about an amazing find I had when I went to the Thalia book store last weekend. I tend to drag the DF there every time we go to the shopping centre (which has been more often in the last couple of months as the boys have discovered the Kinder Paradies play area which they love). We went in on Saturday, and the first stop as always was the Filofax stand... where, horror of horrors, there wasn't a single Filofax!!!

Obviously my first reaction was to start hyperventilating whilst spinning my head through 360 degrees to see where they were - thankfully I spotted them pretty quick (that could just be that they have a kind of magnetic pull to my soul...) and then looked to see what could possibly have displaced them.

Well, it's almost the end of October so Christmas is coming, and sure enough, they had been moved to the normal shelves to make way for the Christmas gifts (to be fair, they look better where they are and have more space so is easier to see them)... but be still my beating heart, the most amazing sight accosted my eyes...

A whole box of Peanuts and Moleskine loveliness... my immediate reaction was to whip it off the shelf and hug it tight to my chest so no-one else could possibly even see it, let alone buy it.

This box set contains 6 large ruled cahier journals (3 black and 3 kraft), stickers and postcards, all inside a beautiful keepsake box. No more words needed - here are the pics of all the fabulousness...

First sight of the inside

Under the cover...

Cahier notebooks and stickers and postcards envelope
 I was a bit disappointed not to see Woodstock in the collection, but as I have the pocket Moleskine with him on I can live without him in here... just...

3 postcards and sticker sheets

The keepsake box after removal of the cover


  1. Wow, Love it an amazing sight indeed! x

    1. Think Dad would be very proud of that find :o)

  2. Wow love it, need to get my hands on obe of those :-)

    1. I love them, but am guessing that they will stay on my shelf looking pretty as I'll be scared of ruining them... crazy!!! :o)