Friday, 19 October 2012

2013 Setup Options - Binder Options

It seems to be that time of year - time to consider the appropriate filo setup for next year and order/make  inserts.

For next year do I try for the one life one filo approach that I started at the beginning of this year with, and am pretty much back in again now after splitting earlier in the year.

           -     everything would be in one place
           -     no need to try to remember where I had written anything down, and no need to flip 
                 between binders

          -     it's too bloody heavy!!!
          -     fewer of my babies would be fulfilling their life's destiny...

If I was to opt for keeping everything in one place again I am pretty sure I would stick with my Kendal, as it is so rugged (have I mentioned that before - there really is no other word to describe him) and I would never need to worry about him.                  

I have tried to do all my planning in one place for a while again now, but find it hard to keep my work and personal stuff together. When it is all sharing the same sections I end up confused (it doesn't take a lot to confuse me) and need a way to separate it, but if I keep them in separate sections then I just keep forgetting to flip to the personal one and I remember that I found this particularly annoying earlier in the year. Colour coding is great for some people, but I either forget which colour means what, or just get fed up with having pages full of black ink as everything seems to be work related. This year I am going to try to have more fun with pen colours - just to make it nicer to look at.

But what if use separate binders? Well, I love my A5s, the writing space suits me better and I love the fact that you can cram so much into them as they have plenty of ring space...but... Unless I have everything in one, I don't really need all that ring space... a compact would probably have rings big enough to meet my needs. Personal size - I just feel cramped and end up taking the paper out to write on it and then putting it back in (or just living with the fact that my writing gets very messy...

What do I really need?

                                    Work - small diary space, plenty of To-Do lists and planning space.
                                    Personal - v small diary space (I have virtually no appointments ever) and space
                                            for planning, to do's, shopping etc, year planner for school holidays,
                                            monthend closes etc
                                    Home - addresses, boys timetables
                                    Other - 101 in 1001 list (could go in personal), holiday planning, 

Hmmm... next stop... diary layouts...



  1. Decisions, decisions, i'm going through the same thing right now, I have sections unused so i'm considering getting rid of those, but what if I need them ............ it will take me the 2.5 months to work it out :-(

    1. I have a feeling it's going to be a never-ending story :o)

  2. We all go through the same thing at one point, I guess. I thougt I found the perfect setup; A5 (stay at home binder), for planning >1 month, kids planning, projectmanagement, keeping track of a lot of stuff (such as orders, returns etc.) All that info doensn't need to be carried around everywhere I go. And.. compact regency just as a planning tool (appointments, monthly overview) but also daily to do's and planning (day on 2 pages). This seemed to work out just fine! However, I do like to carry around my 'fun stuff' (stickers/pics etc) and the compacts purpose is to stay thin!
    So, another dilemma!

    1. Damn - I've just been sat on my sofa working out exactly what sections I need, and hadn't included stickers (or which stickers...)!!!

  3. The right set up just seems so elusive. I have just moved to A5 in the hope I could amalgamate work/study/personal so everything was in one place. Please post how you get on as looking for further inspiration.

    1. I will blog my first trial of the new setup/setups as soon as I have them up and running :o)