Friday, 19 October 2012

Notebooks - Which to Use...?

OK - I admit I'm a bit OCD at times, but really, this is getting ridiculous.

For the last couple of days I've had random reminders pop into my head which I haven't written down in my filofax. Just before I went to bed last night I realised that I still hadn't done any of these things and that I should therefore write them down to do today (most still aren't done yet by the way - I will get them done this evening...). I thought it would be really nice to use a nice notebook to write down tasks that just pop into my head and then I can transfer them to my filofax later - I know, I know it's doubling the amount of writing time, but notebooks can be lovely too :o)

So here is what I was faced with... only a small selection, how hard can it be to choose...

I narrowed it down to bound books (not spiral bound), and discounted those which already have a clearly defined purpose, so it was down to these...

Leuchtturm, lined or plain, Flex by Filofax (photos below), Moleskine and a few other lovely notebooks (including Jan Constantine & Emma Bridgewater) most of which were bought at TK Maxx and details and further photos you can find in my other post here.

Now, the Flex is fabulous, versatile, nice paper, changeable layouts, pen loop - what more could you want? Although possibly a smaller size, as this one is A5 (but more about those in another post).

Magenta A5 Flex

Ruled notebook slipped into the left inside pocket, and
pen loop inside the right hand outer pocket

Another ruled notebook slipped into the right inside pocket

Open it up to display the jotpad...
So, let's see what happened...

A load of sticky notes stuck to the front of my Star Wars Moleskine notebook that I use for blog notes.

To be fair, they are nice sticky notes (Paperchase), but so sticky that they curl up when you pull them out so they don't actually stick to anything that well (thank heavens for the Moleskine elastic).

All the inserts in the pack - rather nice
So why did this happen - I am too OCD!!! I can't bring myself to use one of my pristine notebooks for something as trivial as random reminders of things I need to do (not that any of them were trivial...). I think I need help...


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