Monday, 22 October 2012

2013 Setup Options - Diary Layout

Now this is where the fun really starts... what diary layout(s) do I need/want for next year...? Lots of brainstorming and not a photo in sight :o(

One thing that I know I will always need is my year planner - I don't care what size it is... personal is just fine regardless of what size binder I choose (unless I decide to be ridiculously brave and go for mini or pocket, but I really can't see that happening).

In theory the month on two pages should also be there (preferably tabbed) so I can see my overview for the month really easily, however... if I'm honest with myself I never look at it, and rarely write anything on it apart from every now and then when I have an hour of trying to get myself more organised. Maybe if I used the tabbed one though it would kind of jump out at me Should I put one in again this year and try to make myself use it properly, or just save the space for other things that I am more likely to use?

This year I have been using week on two pages Swedish style, which has been working OK, but I tend not to write my to do's on it any more as otherwise I just spend too much time moving tasks around. I usually have to do sheets interleaved between. So... do I really need a week on two pages, or is that just taking up more room than it needs to? Would I be better off with a week on one page instead, or a week on one page with notes maybe...? Or even two diary sections - one for work and one for personal, but they would need to contain to do's as well otherwise I would basically have two diary sections with very little written in them...

I already have the Dodopad 2012-2013 A5 and am using it to monitor things (water consumption, exercise,  fruit & veg consumption, weather, over/under hours worked) - unfortunately I am rubbish at this sort of thing and constantly forget to write anything at all in it at the weekends. The other problem I have is that monitoring these things doesn't actually push me to actually change anything - eg. I need to drink more fluids and most days I manage 3-4 glasses of water, and that is it. Maybe I should just have a sheet in smaller filo or even just a small general notebook, that I can easily write this type of thing in and then transfer it to my main filo at the end of the day.

Is the sensible thing to do to look at what I currently have available and take it from there, or make the decisions first, buy/make/print from Philofaxy (where there are a huge selection to suit all your needs) new inserts and hope for the best? I guess I should take a look at what I have anyway, as I know I have quite a few diary inserts (many of them 2012).

2013 inserts that I already have:

                A5              -      WO2P standard white       
                                          WO2P vertical standard white        
                Personal      -      WO2P standard white      
                                          WO2P vertical creamy (Sweden?)   
                                          Year planner (somewhere - I remember buying it)

2012  inserts - could I use these for 2013 if I just changed the numbers alongside the days, or would that bug me way too much?

                A5              -      WO2P Sweden
                                   -     WO2P vertical standard white        
                Personal      -      WO2P lined standard white      
                                          WO2P Sweden
                                          WO1P standard white
                                          MO2P white tabbed
                                          Year planner   

I also have some 2011 year planners and MO2P tabbed inserts.
So I've just rambled away to myself and am not sure I've got any closer to my decision. Thankfully we have a bit of time before 2013 rolls around. Maybe I should change my current setup as a taster to see if I can find what will work for me next year...



  1. You have missed some other alternatives....


    1. Sorry - when I say make I assume that everyone automatically thinks "print from Philofaxy" - updated now :o)

  2. I've been going through the same dilemma today, this year i'm using WO2P that came with my A5 but a while back I bought the 2013 A5 DPP TM and WO2P TM, i'm now looking at them thinking why the hell did I think I needed all that space, my current set up using a to-do sheet (paperchase shopping list type) between my WO2P column format works just fine so why change it ??? :-)

    1. If it ain´t broke - don´t fix it!!! We do it because it´s fun to try new stuff, and it can make us realise how great our original ideas were :o)

  3. Been having the same problem lately -- tweaking and trying new things rather than the old way not working. In the end, I'll probably stick to the old way, but the voyage would have been fun. (:

    1. I´m sure that the playing around with it all is half the fun :o)