Sunday, 13 January 2013

101 List Progress Check - 13th January 2013

Very short today I'm afraid... I've done pretty much nothing other than work and be very lazy.

The other half has been rough (very rough) all week, and now the youngest one seems to be going the same way. I did no exercise whatsoever, however, today I have taken a look at the Les Mills' Combat programme which has arrived from Beachbody and the workout I saw looked amazing. It's a 60 day programme, and it has music that should will keep me motivated - MC Hammer "You Can't Touch This" anyone?

I have made a purchase this week and will write a post about it when it arrives, but as it was bought out of my Christmas money then it's allowed :-)

I have a couple of rolls of washi tape on their way to me from the lovely Alice, at The Wonderful World of Alice. I have sent her a goodie bag of various papers as a thank you, so I am hoping she will love them.

Have a great week guys and gals,



  1. Ohhh i get a mention! So pleased.
    Im sure i will ADORE my goody bag, so excited to receive it!
    I shall be posting yours off tomorrow - been busy trying to revise, i hope it will still reach you in time!

    1. I hope you will love the selection I have picked up for you. My boy remembered to take them to the UK with him, so hopefully they will be posted real soon :-)