Sunday, 20 January 2013

101 List Progress Check - 20th January 2013

Another week with little action - partly due to lack of motivation, and partly due to the smallest boy having full on flu, shivering under the duvet and complaining that he was cold, whilst being ridiculously hot, poor little chap. He still has quite a nasty cough, but is back to his normal, cheeky self, so he's fine :-)

So, what have I achieved this week... erm...

...well, I haven't achieved as such, but have moved a goalpost... it can happen at work, so surely you can do it in your personal life, no?

My three month fabulously frugal no shopping challenge came to a premature end at twelve weeks, which is good enough for me. I had a tough day yesterday (no reason, just my head feeling like it needed a bit of a treat) and had already been considering ending my challenge a week early, and then those wonderful Philofaxy fan enablers worked their magic. By the end of the evening I had bought not one, but two new Filofaxes, and bid on another on eBay, but I was happy and smiling lots - success!!! :o)

Today I have ordered a few more bits and will shortly be ordering a new printer as our one is totally dead, and I need to be able to print at home.

I realised today that technically I have copied all my CDs to iTunes, so can cross another one off the list. No, this isn't because I have finally done the ones that were in the car, but because I have realised that none of the ones in the car are actually mine. Yay!!! Obviously, when they finally make it into the house I will copy them across to, but the actual challenge is done.

Next week I will be in the UK most of the week, so there will be no progress check list, and very little progress, although I will be one step closer to watching 10 musical films, as I *will*, one way or another, be going to see Les Mis at the cinema. I can't wait, and don't worry, I will make sure that I have a huge box of tissues so I don't drown myself...

Before my next progress post I will also be reviewing the outstanding challenges/tasks on my list to see what I mean to achieve through doing each one. I have been prompted to do this by my feelings this week regarding the no shopping challenge. It was something others had done, I had read about and thought "Oh, that's a good idea" - but why? Do I overspend? No. Do I have no understanding of where my money goes? No. Is there something specific I want to save for? No. Do I buy lots of unnecessary rubbish? OK, so this one is a matter of opinion, and yes, I admit that I may have quite a lot of stationery/filofaxes..., but it's really only been the last couple of years that I have been spending on these.

Prior to this I was Miss Anti-Shopping and would go into town with the express intention of buying new clothes, nail varnish, lipstick, shoes, but by the time I left town I had bought nothing, felt a total failure, and decided that I didn't need any of it anyway :-)  I typically hate shopping, but buying these things (or even just looking at them in the shops for hours) has made me actually enjoy shopping, and I am even able to manage to buy clothes too - see, it's my therapy - ha ha ha!!! ;-)

Have a great week :-)



  1. Absolutely love the therapy! Glad little man is so much better x x

  2. :-) He is shattered today, first day back at Kindergarten after being off sick and he was proper worn out. He was in bed at 6:30 - bonus!!!

  3. As long as the organisers are beautiful, loved and therefore cared for, are bought at good price, then they are easily sold on and are therefore an investment rather than an expense. No need to feel bad about good investments.

    1. Most have been bought at a good price, and they are loved - easily sold on, maybe not, I think I love them too much to sell them :o)