Sunday, 3 February 2013

101 List Progress Check - February 3rd 2013

Hi All,

I have been an utter failure over the last two weeks, being away and now having a skanky cold which has fuzzed up my little brain and taken away all the energy I have.

I haven't reviewed and updated my whole list as I promised myself I would, and have achieved very little.

I did however keep my promise to myself that I would go and watch Les Mis at the cinema while I was in the UK (Hugh Jackman & Anne Hathaway in one film, who could resist). I have never seen  the stage show, but can tell you the film is amazing. However, if you don't like musicals, don't go and see it and then start whining about the fact that there is too much singing in it. I will tell you now, there are very, very, few spoken lines in the whole of this rather long film. I am so looking forward to it coming out on DVD so I can lie in bed and watch it with tears streaming down my face :o)

O loved it so much that when I got home I downloaded the soundtrack to my iPod, which has apparently done nothing to help me sleep as every time I wake up I seem to have songs from the show going through my head on a loop... oh well, I can think of worse things to keep me awake at night...

You will all be pleased to know that since the end of my No Shopping challenge, my spending skills are back on track and I have lots of new goodies to share with you (as soon as I am feeling well enough to stand up long enough to take lots of photos).  :o)

This afternoon I may chill out and watch one of the musicals that I have recorded, now what do I choose.... Seven Brides for Seven Brothers or Calamity Jane?

Have a great week :-)



  1. You don't have to wait for the DVD....