Saturday, 9 February 2013

Paper Planners Still Rock!!!

Oh yes - indeed they do :o)

Check out this delight - he is definitely the bad boy in my collection...

Not only does he look like a bad boy, he has caused me to stray from the Filofax path... I have no idea of his origins, but am happy to have him in my company.

He is actually a plain, simple, black folder with his own fabulous leather jacket slip cover (complete with a pocket in the front). Someone has put a lot of work into the detail of this cover, with all the zips, chains, tiger T-shirt, buttons, star studs and a belt. The finishing on the cover is beautiful, and I find it hard to believe that someone would make it and not keep it, or have it given to them and not look after it.
plain black heavy duty card type folder
Slip cover jacket

Opened out from the front
 Looking inside the folder in more detail it is clear that this is quite an old piece (month on 2 page diary inserts Dec 1990 - Jun 1992) , and has not had heavy usage, and there are personal details of the person who used it. Back in it's youth it was owned and used by Laura who attended Huish Episcopi school (having googled this, it is in Somerset), and who's birthday is January 11th.

It also came with dividers (Calendar Planner, Today, Finance, Project, Goals, Notes, C-Z - some with addresses on), card holders, unusual plastic inserts containing post it style notes and some stickers. The front page of the inserts identifies them as being from Filopac (I've tried googling them and have had no joy) and this is The Executive Edition.

Below are some pictures of the inserts, I haven't seen any of these before...

unusual plastic folders
Same type, but opening the other way

Filopac Executive Edition


Month on Two Pages

Things to Do for the week

Today - with space for times, appointments and

Finance sheets

Project pages


Don't forget sheets 

Adress tabs and extra pages

Ring mechanism embossed with "ensons"

A bit blurred I'm afraid. Having seen small gaps in the
top set if rings, when I took all the inserts out to take
a photo of the mechanism, the gaps are almost gone.
There is also a receipts envelope which I forgot to photograph.

I am now in a total quandary as to what to do with this binder. I had planned to move in as soon as it arrived, but I now feel that I'm spoiling somebody's history by doing this. In a way I would love to use these inserts, but in another way I want to just preserve this whole thing as it is...

I think I may need help...



  1. This might help you... It's not a hand-made binder cover, I saw one here in Plymouth, so there's at least 2 (identical) ones in the world!!

    1. Phew - looks like I can move in then - and I definitely won't have to worry about this getting scratched in my bag:-)

  2. Certainly move in! That way you're adding to its history! What a great find!!!! Congrats!

  3. You should use it! It is very cute. :)

    1. Soory I didn´t respond to your message, I missed it :-( I am still in my rockin´filo at the moment and it´s doing well.