Friday, 8 February 2013

A Perfect Find...?

This is a totally unexpected post, I have been asked for Filofax advice from a friends boyfriend via Facebook. 

Here is the message that appeared on my wall a couple of days ago... 

"xxx mentioned getting a filofax and I said luckily I know someone who loves them :) he would like your advice as he wants one to carry all his dissertation stuff in, preferably waterproof and with a zip"

My plan was to find out more about what he wants (size etc) and then to ask for more advice from the Filofax for Philofaxy Fans group on Facebook, or in the Free For All Friday regular post on Philofaxy. Especially as there are many people in the groups who use their filos for planning university work and therefore could give much better advice than me. 

"I basically just want something (if it isn't zipped then it's not an issue) that stores my journals, notes, diary and a few pens for uni. Sometimes better than a bag, just needs to be able to fit A4 paper in etc, easy to carry around, if it isn't leather no worries." 

Still not sure if he really wants an A4 or if A5 would be OK, but I can make a start to check for advice... But first - just a little look on eBay... and what was the first item on the when I did a search for Filofax A5? Only an A5 Lyndhurst zipped, with 1 hr 16 mins left on it, at only £23.50 bid so far... obviously it was a sign, so I bid for it there and then, and won it for £25.00 - bargain!!!

So was it the perfect find? That remains to be seen, but if it's not what he wants then I will be more than happy to have it sent to myself instead, and I am quite happy to look at other options for him (with advice from the group).


(Not sure what's happened to my standard text settings, hopefully they will return to normal for my next post...)


  1. Hi
    Did you copy and paste it from Word or email?

    If you did you need to watch my You Tube videos on moving text in to Blogger so it gets rid of the formatting codes but keeps the paragraph structure


    I do this all the time now... save hours of work!


  2. I copied a couple of bits from Facebook and then it went all weird and highlighted the text and everything so I retyped but it still isn't great :-) Will check out your vid next time I need to copy text into here :-)

  3. Nice find! Should it be too heavy for him, he might want to consider a Eastpak Forganizer, which has space and pockets for everything he need, is lightweight, zipped and waterproof.

    1. He's now looking for an A4 and I have sent him your suggestion - fingers crossed he will be able to find one :-)

  4. Haha only you would start researching a query and manage to buy another binder at the same time ;) Lx

    1. In my defence, it wasn't for me your honour... however, as he has decided he wants an A4 I guess I will just have to take one for the team :-)